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Must the Show go on? By Robert Brassai

The gaming industry has always had a very healthy trade show and conference business around it bringing gaming professionals of all sorts together with each other, suppliers, educators, etc. From major international companies to small local shops, we had events of all shapes and sizes where we could meet long lost colleagues, spend the yearly capex on equipment and supplies, listen to industry leaders share their thoughts about the latest trends or learn a thing or two on educational sessions. Major gatherings like ICE with iGB, the G2Es, the SBC events and SIGMA just to mention the biggest ones, became must attend calendar dates for gaming professionals of management level.

All this is in past tense since February, when the world entered a seemingly unstoppable avalanche of inadequate COVID responses. The conference and show industry answered very quickly, moving their land-based events into cyber space. Let’s see how successful and sustainable this move turns out to be.successful and sustainable this move turns out to be. The show ecosystem is a three-tiered one, and needs the organizers, industry professionals as visitors and suppliers as exhibitors for its existence. The financing of the whole circle obviously comes from the suppliers as they were able to show during the years that these shows helped them sell their goods and services.

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