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NASCAR Fans Not Intelligent

In a recent survey conducted by HowToBet.com, fans of NASCAR have the lowest average IQ score out of a number of other professional sports. These findings might not be that surprising to the average citizen in the US, as NASCAR has a very unique audience and fan base.

According to this survey, the average IQ of a NASCAR fan is just 95.20. Not only does this put the sport in last place, but it is also the only sport that fails to have an average IQ of its fans over 100. 

There were four different categories that were observed with this study, and fans of NASCAR were at or near the bottom in every group. The four categories that were questioned were: Verbal intelligence, mathematical ability, logical reasoning, and visual reasoning.

Fans of NASCAR actually scored the lowest in every single category outside of logical reasoning. Fans of NASCAR ranked 4th out of six when it comes to logical reasoning, but it still wasn’t enough to push the sport out of the bottom.

Major League Baseball was actually 5th on the list when it comes to the average IQ of a fan, and that could potentially be seen as an interesting result. MLB is typically followed by an older generation as the sport has struggled to attract a new and younger generation of fans. 

This survey did not ask any of those people involved about any specific sports knowledge but was rather seeing out the average intelligence score. There were over 1,000 people surveyed for this report, and all of the participants had to be a fan of a sport or of a specific athlete. 

One of the biggest reasons that the overall score for NASCAR was so low is due to the fact that some individual drives have fans with a low IQ score. There wasn’t a single NASCAR driver that had average fan IQ scores in the top-20, and actually, the last three athletes on this list all drive in the NASCAR series.

WWE Has Smart Fans?

Perhaps the most surprising information from this survey is that the WWE has the fans with the highest average IQ. WWE is not considered a “real” sport by most fans across the United States, but the organization has apparently attracted the most intelligent fans in the country.

Fans of the WWE scored the highest in both verbal intelligence and logical reasoning. This could explain why intelligent people are drawn to the sport, as most of the action is fake or scripted.

The National Hockey League was actually second on the list, and it appears that only the smartest people in the US follow the sport. The NHL is not a big betting market, and it is not a sport that most people in the United States follow. 

These surveys were conducted at random, but following a team or a professional athlete was a requirement of all the participants. This survey was given to more than 1,000 sports fans, and the WWE just continued to turn up impressive results. 

Roman Reigns has the fans with the highest average IQ, and that does make some sense as he is one of the most popular men to follow in this sport. It does help that Reigns is an established name in WWE and has built up a massive following. 

The results of this survey were a bit surprising on a number of levels, but none bigger than the WWE having the fans with the highest average IQ. Perhaps a different survey with another pool of 1,000 people would yield different results, but HowToBet.com has made it clear that WWE fans are the most intelligent.