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NeoPollard Interactive heralds ‘timely’ ICE North America as iLottery steps into the spotlight


Clarion Gaming and NeoPollard Interactive (“NPi”) announce the participation of Scott Bowen, Senior Vice President of Business Development, NeoPollard Interactive, at the inaugural ICE North America event to be held in Boston, Massachusetts from May 13 – 15, 2019.
For the first time, ICE North America will combine GiGse and ICE Sports Betting USA, focusing on the key areas of sports betting, interactive gaming, iLottery, eSports and affiliate marketing. ICE North America has assembled leaders from across the industry to round out its educational sessions known as ICE VOX.
As North America’s leading provider of innovative iLottery solutions, NPi, an independent joint venture from industry leaders Pollard Banknote Limited and NeoGames S.A.R.L., is pleased to contribute to the agenda, particularly as the lottery industry’s future awaits clarification from the recent Department of Justice (“DOJ”) reversal of the Wire Act Opinion. With best-in-class technology, a full suite of managed services and a premier game development studio, NPi has quickly grown to be the US market leader, with approximately 80% market share in terms of iLottery revenue.
Bowen, who will be discussing the legal and practical differences between iGaming, Sports Betting and iLottery through his presentation at ICE North America, believes the key to sustained growth and revenue is transparency between the industry and the decision makers.
 “The need for leadership is imperative,” stated Bowen, while sharing his analysis on the US gaming landscape ahead of his ICE VOX presentation. “NPi, through its legal challenge of the DOJ decision is showing that leadership and ICE North America will be a timely discussion around how we coordinate our responses in this changing environment. We need thought leaders coming together and industry coordination to grow and successfully advance new business, entertainment and funding for good causes. Change is coming, and all must adapt and change with the legal framework.”
Commenting on what sets the US market apart for lottery providers and the potential ahead for new online lotteries, Bowen says, “iLottery is here to stay and represents the most important growth area in the lottery sector’s future. NPi has four customers in the US today – this is just scratching the surface. With only a handful of US lotteries that offer product online, the potential is huge. We know player expectations will continue to migrate towards modern touchpoints, and we’ve proven to the industry that iLottery is a secure distribution channel that will be essential to protecting lottery revenues into the future.”
While the spotlight on iLottery should be focused on the success of operating through online channels, ICE North America comes at a time when the spotlight shines again on legislation given the re-opinion of the DOJ. As one of the first to file suit in response to the DOJ’s opinion, Bowen says, “We are confident that the courts will sort this out in favor of State rights and the lottery industry. Lotteries belong at the table as governments consider new opportunities around iGaming and Sports Betting.”
Hear more from Scott Bowen during a can’t-miss ICE VOX session on May 15th!

Image:  Scott Bowen, Senior Vice President of Business Development, NeoPollard Interactive

About ICE North America 
ICE North America (May 13-15 in Boston, MA, USA) will bring together Clarion Gaming’s US assets, GiGse and ICE Sports Betting USA, covering the key areas of sports betting, interactive gaming, esports, iLottery and affiliate marketing, to create a single large-scale business event.  To find out more about ICE North America, go to icenorthamerica.com.