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The New York casino scene is set to grow in 2023 and beyond.

The legislation that has given the green light to online gaming in New York has been a rip roaring success – since being implemented back in 2018.

More people than ever before have become au fait with the inner workings of the casino and gambling industry and slowly but surely, both New York as a state and the whole of the United States in general are beginning to catch up with the rest of the gambling world.

For most other countries, the transition from in-person to online casino betting has been steadily one way, with gambling fans moving away from visiting casinos to place their bets, opting to bet on their smartphones or devices instead.

As is the unique way in which gambling has become legalised in New York and many other American states, casinos have seldom been able to secure legislature in America – meaning that people would have to travel to states such as Nevada, where gambling in casinos is legal, the New York betting offers comparison portal NY.Bet reported.

The advent of the online casino boom has transcended beyond the online sphere for many casinos and such is the accessibility and popularity of gambling in big states such as New York that many companies are seeking out ways in which they can cash in.

At the back end of 2022, there were 5 separate proposals for in-person, multi-million dollar casino complexes to be erected in the New York area, a move that would change the gambling landscape in the state inextricably.

Since 2013, there have only been 4 different casino operations created in New York – testament to the bureaucracy that comes with implementing gambling institutions in states but with the swathe of popularity for casino gambling continuing to grow, the casino market is certainly beginning to take hold.

Key footfall areas of New York such as Hudson Yards, Times Square, Coney Island, Willets Point and Citi Field in Queens, have all been earmarked as potential casino venues, as applications begin to be formulated by some of the biggest names in the American gambling game.

In previous years, prospective casino curators have been undone by the astronomical application fee of $1 million – just to get a proposal through the door of the New York state gaming commission but there are plenty of investors that are beginning to see the value in the gambling industry in the Big Apple.

Getting the casino over the line and built is of course a major challenge for any company but New York as a state appears to be more receptive than ever to a burgeoning gambling scene, one that could surely rival some of the great powerhouses in American and world gambling.