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NFT technology shows how to win new fans in gaming

By Raymond Chan

New technology is always a driving force for innovations in gaming and there are opportunities for casino floors to turn things around again. Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the blockchain-backing cryptographic assets on the internet. They are creating the biggest buzz among the younger generation and in the fintech industry right now, with the onset of the global pandemic as consumers spend more time on online platforms looking for entertainment. Even the once-famous electronic gaming giant Atari has announced that it is selling its own NFT collection.

NFTs are seen mainly as crypto-collectibles on blockchain, and can be transferred easily and used across different games. However, even NFT assets (in-app avatars and accessories purchase) is clearly the leading revenue to help drive in-game economies from new gamers in eSport and casual games. It is not happening on the casino floors because of a disconnection between the game makers and the casino operators. Casinos are not having the ability to make games on their own desire, thus limiting the interaction with players directly on the casino floor.

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