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One Effective But Unpopular Tactic for Making Money through Betting and Casinos


In the last couple years of learning about betting, I have read a lot of informative content on the internet. From the best lists that rank bookmakers to sophisticated ones like casino rating list, I have done a great deal of learning about this industry. And I did not learn for learning sake, I learned so I can profit from this venture and help out anyone that may need my help too. From personal experience, the most popular question people ask about betting is on how to make money from it.

As you may already know, betting is all about staking your money in favour of a specific outcome. If your predictions are correct, you will make as much money as the odds indicate multiplied by the amount of money you used to place the bet. In the case of lotteries, things are slightly different but the winnings are also equally huge, often way bigger than regular bets. But there are tactics anyone can use to make money from this industry without too much risks. I am talking about the business of educating punters on vital information and tactics that can help them win in this industry.

Before I explain any further, let us look at the popular and expectedly saturated ways through people can earn money betting online or offline.

Popular Ways People Make Money FromCasinos and Bookmakers Sites

There are basically two (popular) ways to do it. Here they are:

Placing Bets

Whether casinos or bookmaker sites, this is the primary and most popular way to make money with anything related to gambling or games. There are several articles on the internet which explain how this works but the general understanding is the same: predict wisely and stake your desired amount of money and wait for favourable outcomes. This can be done online with your mobile device (or personal computer) or done at the nearest gaming terminal nearest to you.

“Selling” Fixtures

Some punters understand the game better than others. It is then natural that they find it easy to predict likely outcomes and win more often than they lose. As a result, punters with better than average prediction skills and with a touch of entrepreneurship, have learnt to monetize their analytical skills. This is called several names: sure odds, fixed games, sure fixtures and a whole lot more. Other than actual betting, it is the most common way people make money from gambling. Needless to say, it is most common in sports and sporting events.

Now what you just read are two of the most popular ways people make money from the industry. But could there be something else that is secret or not-so-secret but people are not just seeingit? It’s course selling! Not many people have even given thoughts to creating and selling courses that can help punters in any capacity. But I will throw more light into the situation.

Create and Sell Courses for Money

My logic about creating and selling courses which teach people about making money with casinos are as follows:

  • Many people have extra money to play with but they just cannot afford to proceed with it because they do not have adequate knowledge on betting and how it works. For instance, not many people know about the smart casino concept which makes going to a real brick and mortar casino secondary. These group of people make up a great demography for your course.
  • Secondly, casinos gaming is a very broad activity and there are a truckload of types. There is also an assortment of games and events anyone can create courses on, starting from roulettes.

The fact that people who play the casino want to make money fast does not in any way mean they are not interested in learning the best practices and hacks that will help them win more frequently and big as well. An individual who stakes $12,000 on a roulette game will be more than glad to spend $300 on a course that will teach him how best to maximize his chances of winning and making more money in the process.

Now here is how to go about creating a course on playing the casino.

Choose a Niche

Like we stated above, betting is broad. Very broad. While there may be fundamental principles that work in almost all betting situations, it is advisable to stick a particular for of betting in a specific category. For instance, you could choose to create a course on casinos as a whole or you could specialize on a specific type of casino game.

A sample course could be How to Make a Winning Wheel Spin in a Roulette..It is very important that the course creator chooses a niches that he or she is very familiar with. Ideally, you should choose a niche where you have actually tried your hacks and they yielded results. Basically, I am saying that it makes perfect sense if you have video and pictorial evidence of what you are trying to sell in your course.

If people are thoroughly convinced that your courses work, you will not have a problem selling them. SO, find a great niche – it must be one that a lot of betters are actively involved in.

Choose a Course Topic

Now that you have chosen a great niche for this venture, the next step will be to choose the right course topic that will sell well. If you do not have a great course idea in mind, simple search for a popular casino related questions that people ask and try to answer the most popular one in what will be a lucrative course. You can also set up a poll on social media (A Facebook group of sports lover and/or bettors, for instance) and try to find out their biggest problems.

Alternatively, you can conduct a basic search on Google with the key words “casino”, “win”, “how”, etc. Just combine them (and related ones like them) creatively and you will see interesting, inspiring search results. But those aren’t what you should pay all of your attention to. Consider those other search terms that litter the bottom of your results page. Now that’s where the real questions lie. Provide solutions to those search terms (usually questions) and you are on your way to making good money. Another method I have repeatedly used to generate ideas for my books and courses is to observe the kind of questions people ask on the world’s biggest forums. You could join Quora groups (space) related to casino and follow subreddits that are about betting. Every day that passes, people ask tons of questions related to betting and the challenges the face in it. Some are just looking for winning tips. Interestingly enough, the responses Quora and Reddit users provide is good enough to serve as base resource for creating your course.

Create Your Course

Your course could be audio, text or video. But ideally, a great course should have elements of all of them. You will want to spice your written content with images, and video clip(s) so that your students don’t get the feeling that they are reading another long novel.

You can do this by yourself if you have the skill. If you, however, do not know how to or do not have the time to do it, you can outsource to someone on Fiverr to help you out. The process will involve creating an outline or curriculum for your course, then adding text or audio or pictorial or video content to the rght segment. Watch any free course on Udemy so as to get an idea of what a finished course looks like.

Choose a Course Builder

When your course is complete, the next thing to do is to choose a befitting platform on which to host your course. We have Udemy, Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Thinkific, Teachable, Learnworlds and more. Each platform has one advantage or more over the other and this will be discussed in a subsequent article.  Also be sure to add your payment information to the gateway so you can easily receive payments for your efforts.


You can make money by playing the casino. Everybody is doing that. You can also make money by puting the analytical power of your brain to work and coming up with inning permutations which people will be glad to pay for. Alternatively, you can teach people how to win through and make money from doing so too. I particularly love this option because the earning potentials are infinite and it requires a one-time investment only. As long as the course creator continues to promote the course, he continues to make money every time sales come in. Put in another way, a course creator can sell one course over and over and for the rest of his or her life!