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Is Online Bingo the Only Safe Form of Gambing in the UK

Many gamblers would choose bingo over other online casino games because of the low stakes and the virtually nonexistent risk of addition. 

Additionally, the internet bingo environment is seemingly more favourable as compared to brick-and-mortar bingo halls. 

Initially, this transition to online casinos was attributed to the platforms’ better security. At the time, many gamers were torn between choosing the social nature of traditional gaming halls or the security, as well as the convenience of online gaming platforms. This dilemma was, however, sorted out when online casinos introduced live features. 

Almost Every Operator in the UK is Licensed

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UK GC) ensures that all casino operators are held to the highest security standards. For this reason, the UK has the safest gambling market in all of Europe. 

Before a casino can apply for a gambling license, it has to meet certain requirements, and the UK GC does not make compromises. Before signing up to a bingo site in the UK, ensure they have the necessary licenses to operate. 

To begin with, each bingo site has to have a certified random number generator, as all of them fall in the same category. A casino’s house edge also needs to be reasonable to ensure players have a fair shot at winning. 

Casinos’ Codes of Practice in the UK

The UK Gambling Commission has outlined codes of practices for all online gambling platforms. According to Section 24 of the Gambling Act 2005;

  • All online gambling platforms operate in a fair and open way

  • Restricted access ensures that online casinos aren’t accessible to vulnerable and underage people

  • Anyone affected by gambling can easily access professional assistance

The UK Gambling Commission closely monitors all license holders to ensure they’re not infringing on gamblers’ rights. Any online casino that breaks the terms according to their license can get issued with heavy penalties or have their license suspended. 

Types of License Available

There are three main types of licenses that the UK Gambling Commission offers to online casino operators. Some bingo casinos need all three licenses, while others require just one. 

  • Operating license

  • Personal management license

  • Personal functional license

If you provide bingo services, you’ll need an operating license. It covers online gaming platforms, bingo halls and remote bingo services. Online casino operators also offer their services via radio technology, TV, and mobile devices. 

The premise license covers brick-and-mortar casinos. The UK Gambling Commission needs to legalize the building you’re using as a casino. 

Finally, personal management licenses cover people who work for you behind the scenes. This way, you can ensure that your players have sufficient security and reliable customer service.

Bingo is a Low-risk Form of Gambling

When you compare bingo to other forms of gambling, you realize it has a low-risk for addiction. Since you can access it on mobile, it minimizes the amount of time you spend on a gambling site. 

Anyone who has been in the gambling sector will tell you that players play for longer on desktop. Since mobile is buy and leave, the existence of mobile gaming apps helps many avoid addiction.

You won’t have to worry about losing a lot of money within a short amount of time when you’re playing bingo. The cost of tickets is low to ensure you don’t dig too deep into your pockets to play for real cash. 

Besides, new players are offered no deposit bingo bonuses to get them to sign up and try a site before they spend any money. This, together with the free demo, ensures you familiarize yourself with the game before you fund your account.

It’s also worth mentioning that random number generation puts players’ minds at ease. As an equal chance game, every player’s win is determined by sheer luck. No one will feel like a loser for losing, and it manages players’ urge to play because it’s not about your wit, but rather about the overall gaming experience. 

There are Free Bingo Games 

Some players who want to enjoy the game without using money and this is where free bingo games come in. It’s a perfect alternative for people who love playing bingo but are reluctant to bet real money. 

Not all players are comfortable with taking financial chances, and bingo has got this covered. Online bingo rooms ensure players always have access to virtual currency to enjoy the game even without real cash. As a recreational player, you get the same experience as gamblers who bet real cash. 

It’s however important to note that it’s not the same chat experience as when you bet real money. You can never replace the adrenaline that comes with playing for real cash. 


Bingo is an excellent online casino game because it caters for real cash players as well as recreational players. The UK CG ensures that every online casino operator is held to the highest standards. When you sign up to a licensed online casino, you can be assured of fair play.