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Onlineslotsx Celebrates Reaching 500,000 Users On The Platform

OnlineSlotsx is an online service developed to provide gamers with free demo versions of famous slot machines. This December, they celebrate the 500,000th user on their platform that motivates them to get better.

OnlineSlotsX was set up in October 2017 by a few gambling enthusiasts and standard slot game players with the initiative to provide qualified data and reviews about slot machines and online casinos.

The primary motive of the company is to make slot games more easily accessible. The company caters to the users by offering a smooth and hassle-free online gaming experience available on all devices. The users can play their chosen games online free of charge, without any download, which provides an adventure free of viruses and malware which inadvertently gets installed into the devices by downloading different games.

The users can hone their gaming skills by exploring an enormous range of slots available on onlineslotsx.com. Online slots are instantly available in any country as long as the gamer has an internet connection.

One of the characteristics of this website is that users can choose between free play and real-money play. Those interested in upping their gaming experience can switch to real-money play mode. There, they will be able to make real money, which can later be cashed out readily.

"We're indebted to our users who have been with us since we first launched. For us, user experience has been the totality, the basic priority. We got our whole company on board to generate user-centric products, and the response we have gotten is overwhelming." - Cheryl. P, CMO at OnlineSlotsx

OnlineSlotsx has paved its way into the competitive niche of online gambling with the help of features that distinguish them from other companies. These are:

  • The people who work and provide the services in this niche are both professionals and gambling enthusiasts. Ryder Harpur, the main expert on OnlineslotsX, has a big experience in this niche. He is aware of what the gamers are looking for.
  • One of the perks aside from the advantages of having access to free slots is that gamers can indulge in a seamless experience by playing slots online from any device. The website has a smooth layout, which is adjustable to portrait and landscape orientations so that the user can play on a PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  • OnlineSlotsx has accommodated the needs of gamers by providing them with casino recommendations. The method that they use to evaluate casinos and then recommend them is ideal because they do so by analyzing casinos based on various criteria such as security, reliability, game quality.

As the CMO of OnlineSlotsx, Cheryl P. commented regarding the future goals of the company, reaching 500,000 users is the onset of going towards reaching much more, say, 1,000,000. They plan to make their way to the top in the market by creating the most user-friendly experience in this niche. "Speaking of which, we're going to hire more experts in this niche so we could make our website more efficient in finding every person's favourite game and making information more accessible.", said Cheryl.