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Opening Up Casinos


Mr. Massimo Meneghetti General Director tableswin chats to Peter White 

In the era of Covid-19, basic elements of gambling such as cash, chips, cards and tokens have become a 'hot zone' of industry interest. How does keep them clean without impeding the casino experience? That's one of the questions that Tableswin General Director Massimo Meneghetti has been contemplating. He's developing holistic solutions to these problems and has already brought some to market. It's an example of what Meneghetti describes as one of his decade-old company's strengths: adaptability.

The impact on Casino operations big and small has been devastating as it has been for most industries. What do you think are some of the biggest challenges for society and business in the months ahead?

The storm caused by the current global pandemic is proving to be the most serious and most complex problems to deal with as a global society; the whole world in every aspect, from health to the social aspect through to the economic, will have to be completely rebuilt and readapted to the new lifestyles that COVID-19 is imposing to everyone.

 The need for distancing and hygiene etiquette will herald a new social order that will impact how we behave and interact as a society. Each industry will be affected to varying degrees by the new requirements for acceptable participation, for example the de-risking of touch points for handling cash, cards and chips to provide effective safeguarding in the gaming environment is a big dilemma for operators.

 We are talking about a huge challenge for businesses everywhere but we don't have to be scared about it, we have to find the way to live together with this new dimension of life and, most of all, to find new business strategies.

Can you explain the Tableswin approach and the various steps you recommend that will enable Casino operators to restart.

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