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An Opportunity for Online Casinos in Emerging Markets

One of the big trends in gaming over recent years has been the steady and dominant rise for a number of different online casinos and the operators that are behind them, but this growth has only increased over the past year with many turning to their mobile devices as their primary form of entertainment. Whilst these are well established in existing gaming markets, many are still growing or still finding early footing in emerging markets, but what are the biggest challenges ahead, and how can emerging markets capitalise on the growth of online casinos?

A blueprint exists – Perhaps the biggest benefit to the emerging markets is that there is already a blueprint for success. There’s little need for a longer trial and error period to discover what works and what doesn’t as that has already happened elsewhere, as such many will be able to aim straight for success. Examples of this already exist in some emerging markets: here at casinoonlinesa.co.za, for example, an aggregation of casinos that are operating in South Africa, which is deemed as one of the largest growing casino markets in the world. Although this doesn’t mean the blueprint will be successful in every instance, it does at least prove that early exploitation of a niche can reap rewards.

Image result for casinos emerging markets(Image from keytocasinos.com)

Opportunities for regulation early – Regulation has continued to be changed and adjusted over time, which has also slowed down the process within existing markets. This is to ensure player safety, as we see more and more platforms becoming available.

A look for longevity ­– The biggest drawback could certainly be short sightedness. A hurry to get platforms set up to capitalise on the growth and success that is seen elsewhere could be of huge detriment and is the concern for many in the emerging market. Mobile has already shown itself to be the future of gaming as the platform continues to thrive across all genres, and so it is already clear that there should be no rush to get things moving, and it’s important that each of these emerging markets keep that in mind when moving forward.

Things are moving extremely quickly however so there’s little room for mistake. There has been a huge uptick in the capacity for mobile devices as second hand markets grow and device prices continue to change, decisions are needed quickly and protections put in place early, there’s only one shot at getting things right the first time, and it has already been shown how other markets can quickly change as much of the world is already experiencing an online gambling pandemic, and would certainly be something others would like to avoid where possible.