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Popular Online Game Genres to Play With Crypto

Cryptocurrency has taken the gaming world by storm. Highly useful and secure, it has not only managed to attract dedicated followers but is still moving into the mainstream. Its uses are plentiful, and inevitably this has meant it has been used for entertainment purposes. Thus, you can find a whole host of games online that let you play using cryptocurrency. 

Some are casino games, while others are more traditional PC and console-style games. Below, we give you three online game genres you must play with crypto. 


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There are many benefits to playing your favourite casino slots online with crypto. Luckily, casinos that now allow payment in cryptocurrency are easy to find. In fact, they have some distinct advantages over non-crypto casinos. 

Firstly, you don’t need to leave your credit card details which may be stolen if a non-crypto site has a security breach. Instead, you leave your name and then make secure deposits in your preferred cryptocurrency. 

This is also useful if you are gambling from a country where your fiat is not accepted and would have to be transferred, incurring fees. Finally, most of the well-loved slot titles are now available to play with crypto. The rise of online slots has seen some well-loved game franchises become established, and crypto slots like Starburst, as well as other popular titles, are easy to come by. If you have a favourite game you play in other online casinos, you can probably find it on a crypto platform.

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For those not acquainted with the concept of an MMORPG, it is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game. A player takes over the role of a character and interacts with others who have done the same in an online world. Many of these are set in a fantasy environment, much like the Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones worlds. The most famous of these is the World of Warcraft. However, there are now plenty of others, some dedicated to crypto alone. 

Nine Chronicles is one of the most famous. A blockchain RPG, it provides a fully decentralised fantasy world. And with no one taking ownership, it really does amp up the fantasy element where anything goes and anything could happen. Taking cues from Norse mythology, you venture through Yggdrasil’s nine regions with your character, finding materials to craft goods and weapons. Along the way, you take on a host of bosses.  The game is backed by several major companies, including Binance coin and even developers Ubisoft. 

Ember Sword is another crypto title in the same vein. In this one, the gameplay is much freer and players are not restricted to achieving any specific goals. They can influence economics and even terraform the land. Thus, the title almost becomes a second-life type game. 

Creator Games

Creator games were some of the earliest examples of interactive entertainment using cryptocurrency and blockchain. The most well-known of these is Cryptokitties, a title that lets you breed digital cats. Each had unique properties and when combined, would make an even more unique pet. These could then be sold as NFTs.

Now there are even more. One of the most popular is Binemon, a hybrid of Binance and the popular franchise Pokemon. Each creature is made of 10 different body parts and has unique properties on its digital cards. To date, there have been 88,861 unique Binemon created and over 258,000 people around the world play. 

These genres are not exhaustive. As the possibilities of the Metaverse open up, the types of games are sure to increase. Keep your eyes on upcoming industry developments here with Casino Life Magazine.