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Quick Steps to Becoming a Successful Video Game Streamer

If there’s one thing the arrival of YouTube and Twitch gaming channels has taught us in recent years, then it’s that becoming a video game streamer is a real career option and not just a leisure pursuit. According to experts at Market Watch, the overall value of the live video gaming market has now gone beyond 1 billion dollars per annum, with fans donations, esports sponsorships, as well as advertising revenues forming the greater part of profits afforded to thriving game streamers.

With live game streaming giants such as Ninja and Tfue making profits worth millions of dollars, it adds up that many individuals are beginning to think about starting their possibly well-paying streaming careers. Whether you are a fan of simple games such as free slots White Orchid online or you prefer RPG and online multiplayer action, you have a shot at reaching out to a wide audience and monetizing your following. So, if you’d like to become a successful video game streamer, here’s a highlight of how you can get started:

  1. Pick a Platform

One of the most crucial decisions you’ll have to make as an aspiring game streaming megastar is picking a platform that you’ll use to start reaching out to content viewers. YouTube and Twitch are obvious candidates seeing as they enjoy the lion's share of the market. You still have to be smart with your choice of streaming platform as each platform will work differently for you, depending on what you’re looking to achieve. 

For example, despite the fact YouTube provides a much bigger audience for streamers, the audience is less likely to be devoted to your channel compared to Twitch. In fact, based on recent stats, creators on Twitch receive a better share of revenue compared to YouTube streamers. So if you’re looking for loyalty, Twitch is the best. But if you’re after mass appeal, opting for YouTube might be your best bet.

  1. Choose Your Preferred Game

Once you have a platform, the next step involves choosing your main game. Like many other avid players of online games, you might be having a handful of your favorite titles that you’d like to stream live. But then, since you’re just starting, you must seriously put your focus on one game so that you can create a sense of brand identity. Some of the biggest games on streaming platforms that you could start with include the likes of League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Player Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG), and Rainbow Six Siege. 

  1. Get a Niche

After zeroing in on your platform of choice and the game that you’ll start streaming, you should then decide on the kind of game streamer you really want to be. There’s no need trying to compete with other big names in the business since it won’t do you a lot to give you new fans. Instead, throw in an element of your personality, and it should be something that no other streamer does. It could be your sense of humor, dressing style, or your industry acumen. Just find your niche and work it.

  1. Put Professional Gaming Sites to Good Use

Research in any venture worth pursuing is one of the determinants of success. So, if you’d like to know how you can be competitive in this congested field, you can look into other live gaming websites that provide stream entertainment besides the biggest Twitch channels. That way, you can follow what successful streamers do and emulate their example as you build your personal brand.

  1. Splash Out on Some Serious Gaming Hardware 

If you’re yearning for success in the streaming world, you’ll almost certainly have to buy some high-quality devices.  Using a webcam on your laptop just won’t cut it while nearly all viewers are used to watching video streams through high-resolution megapixel cameras that can even stream content in 4K UHD, complete with dedicated surround sound and lighting. 

  1. Self-Promotion is a Must

Having the best gaming skills and the best gaming hardware doesn’t guarantee you success in streaming. The only way you’ll let people know whether or not you’re worth watching is by promoting yourself. Do it as if your entire life depends on it. You can link up your streaming channel with all your social media channels. Talk to friends and family to give you a shout-out. Reach well-known video game streamers and ask them for a collaboration. Bear in mind, the minute you deem yourself worth watching, others will too.

The six tips make up the crucial steps to becoming a successful video game streamer. And as you continue building your streaming channel, always remember to enjoy yourself in the process. Video game streaming is all about having fun, and if you aren’t having fun, why even do it in the first place?