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Revealed: The Perks Casinos Offer to Keep High Rollers Playing


Everybody wants to be a high roller. The depictions of big winners on the silver screen, basking in the lap of luxury and privilege in the highest hotels and biggest casinos in Las Vegas are countless. Think of James Bond in Casino Royale, Nicky Santoro in Scorcese's hit film Casino, or Matt Damon's character in Rounders. High rollers don't just win big, they spend big, and many of the world's most famous casinos employ an ever-growing list of perks and complex tactics to keep these guys at the blackjack table. From decadent freebies to next-level service, here's how today's casino fixers keep the high rollers playing.

All of the Free Stuff







Since the dawn of the casino, bosses have been known to shower big-spending patrons with free stuff, also known as 'comps', in order to build a good relationship and keep them at the slot machines. These have evolved over time - back in the day, the freebies might have amounted to free meals, a bar tab or even the company of beautiful women in the employ of the casino. These days, however, casino bonuses have taken on a different nature. From free spins and games to unbelievably generous gifts, the comping industry is more sophisticated than ever before. The big Vegas and Macau casinos now offer their biggest spenders free first-class flights, the services of an army of staff to pamper them during their stay (including room service from a celebrity chef!), free iPads, and even a free car. These days, being a high roller pays more than ever.

Treated Like a King

If you're the kind of person who dreams of being treated like royalty, fawned over and doted on at every step, then the high roller life is the one for you. More than simply getting service with a smile, the way casino staff are trained means that high roller treatment really is a next-level experience. A typical high roller in a big casino will enjoy 24/7 service and attentiveness, a dedicated staff member to anticipate your every need, and even a personal assistant to ensure none of that pesky work-related stress creeps its way onto the roulette table.

This service also goes way beyond the four walls of the casino; the biggest high rollers will receive city-wide status as a big shot, meaning all of the best restaurants, nightclubs and shopping venues will be alerted that the high roller is in town, and treat them well accordingly. You also get to meet celebrities, and receive invites to the most exclusive and lavish parties in town.

Insider Access

You also get some privileges that are a lot less visible. Namely, the high roller is likely to receive fast, easy and incredibly generous lines of credit. The big spenders typically don't walk around with a million dollars in their pocket, so casinos are happy to change the rules for them and extend to them as much quick and easy credit as they want, as they know a high roller is good for the money.

Will the perks on offer for the biggest high rollers may have skyrocketed in recent decades, the amount of free offers available for even the smallest level gambler has also increased, which can only be a good thing.