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Roulette Terminology


Roulette Terminology

If you are new to roulette and wonder what some of the most common terms are, then here is a quick guide. You will come across most of these when playing roulette at https//www.potsofgold.com.

American Roulette

American roulette is one of the main two styles. The difference is the design of the wheel which features a double zero format where two of the spaces are green and marked 0 and 00

Biased Numbers

A number that statistically seems to come up more often than the standard variance that has been calculated over a long term period.

Biased Wheel

Thankfully very rare, and usually a cry from a disgruntled player who hasn’t won his bet. Referring to a wheel that is not correctly designed so causes some numbers or sections to come up more often than statistically evidenced.

Column Bet

When a bet is placed on one of the 12 numbers that form a column (three columns on a betting mat)

Combination Bet

When any bet has one or more of the chips covering any two or more numbers.

Corner Bet

This is a type of bet that covers four adjoining numbers on the betting mat.

Double Zero Wheel

Another way of referring to the American roulette wheel, as there are two green spaces.

Dozen Bet

A bet that is placed on one of the three ‘dozen’ groups of numbers.

Even Bet

An outside bet placed on the winning number to be even.

European Roulette

Refers to the version of wheel used that contains just one single green space marked 0.

French Roulette Wheel

Also referred to as a single zero wheel with the same standard layout as the European roulette wheel.

High Bet

A bet that the next winning number will be 19 or higher.

House Edge

The edge that the house has over the players

Inside Bet

Bets placed on specific numbers of the wheel.

Line Bet

A bet on two adjoining rows of three - six numbers in total

Low Bet

A bet that the winning number will be 18 or below.

Odd Bet

A bet that the winning number will be odd


The statistical likelihood of a bet being successful

Outside Bets

A bet placed on the outside areas of the betting mat - odd/even, red/black, high/low

Single Zero Wheel

Another term for the European or French wheel which means that there is only one green space marked 0.

Straight up Bet

A bet placed on just the single number to win, a form of inside bet.

Street Bet

A bet on three numbers that form a street on the betting mat.

Trio Bet

Another term for a street bet. A bet that one of the three chosen numbers will win.

True Odds

Defines the probability of each potential outcome.


Another word for the bet placed.


As the name suggests referring to the wheel, this information alone would not determine whether this was an American or European wheel.

Wheel Chips

A term used to describe the betting chips when they are being used in roulette.