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Is Slingo One Of The Best Online Casino Games?

Online casinos in the UK and internationally offer a wide selection of casino games. Most of these games are based on classic titles found at brick-and-mortar venues like slots, roulette, blackjack, and more. However, there are some games unique to the online casino market like Slingo, and we think it’s one of the best games you can play online. Here’s why.

Slingo: What You Need To Know

Slingo is an online casino game that combines elements from both video slots and bingo, forming Slingo. The game was created back in 1994 and following Gaming Realms’ purchase of the property in 2013, has become somewhat popular across the United Kingdom and is steadily growing internationally too. But how does Slingo work?

Well, Slingo plays like a traditional slot game but with some special bingo mechanics. In each game, a player will have a bingo card with randomly generated numbers, and the user will have to fill them by spinning a row of reels and matching the numbers from their bingo card to those on the reels. Whenever a row or column is completed, the user earns a Slingo and the more slingos earnt during the game, the higher the final payout.

However, users will have a limited number of spins to fill in their bingo card but are usually offered a chance to purchase additional spins with real money. What’s more, there are special symbols which can appear on the row of reels; good symbols that allow you to mark off a random number from your bingo card and bad symbols which block you from marking numbers off.

Why Slingo Is So Good

Slingo is a fast-paced online casino game which takes all of the fun gameplay elements from video slots and mixes them up to offer a brand new experience. When playing Slingo, you also get the excitement and feel the tension of waiting for the numbers that match your bingo scorecard. All of this, combined with the random symbol drops and the limited number of spins available, create a very adrenaline-rushing experience which you just don’t get with other video slots.

What makes Slingo is more fun is that its developer Slingo Originals has created numerous Slingo titles based on different themes. Among the selection available, you can enjoy original Slingo games and licensed Slingo titles based on popular UK television shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, Deal Or No Deal, Love Island, and so many others.

Should You Give Slingo A Try?

Despite its rising popularity, many people still do not know about the game. We believe that Slingo is one of the best online casino games available and we highly suggest you give it a try if you enjoy fast-paced and unpredictable gameplay. It’s fresh, available at many casino sites in the UK and internationally, and there’s nothing else like it. So what are you waiting for? Go give Slingo a try!