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Support during challenging times



By Per Jaldung Chairman European Casino Association 

Europe’s 1,000 casinos are currently closed. The European Casino Association is devoted to supporting the casino industry through this time of crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic.In just two months, the licensed land-based casino sector in Europe has gone from being a livelysource of gambling activities, entertainment, shows, restaurants, and social events to a complete standstill.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken by governments to halt its spread have had a devastating impact on our sector and created an uncertain future that must urgently be addressed by regulators, national governments, and EU authorities.In these dark times, there is also a clear and present risk of a rise in illegal, unlicensed gamblingin the online sector. Such gambling operators, with irresponsible business interests, circumvent the

public interest and do not apply adequate responsible gambling measures to protect minors, vulnerable individuals and problem gamblers. They also do not pay taxes in the country where the player is located, thus creating an unequal playing field for legal, licensed operators in that country.

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