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Tangiers Casino Online Australia

1.1.  When the player enters the casino site, the gambler sees immediately in front of him promotional offers from the institution, which are designed in the form of banners. Below the offers, the player can see the latest winnings of other gamblers. The tangiers online casino shows the latest wins in real time (for example you can do it on the site https://1tangierscasino.com/ ). 

Site design online institution is made in dark colors. On the back black background are colored pictures of slot machines. All menus on the site are conveniently located and opens correctly on computer and mobile devices.

          At the top of the casino site is a convenient search function, with which the user can enter the name of the game. Also, in a prominent place at the top are buttons for authorization and registration in the gaming establishment. 

          On the left side of the casino website is the main menu, which includes the following sections: pokies, classic pokies, table games, video poker, playing with crypto, responsible gaming, community. 

Under the casino logo is conveniently located button "Home", clicking on which the player is redirected by the casino system to the main page. 

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Playing with crypto 

Gamblers can play at tangiers casino Australia using cryptocurrency. The player needs to go to the section "Playing with crypto," where the gambler can read the recommended casino sites for recharging with cryptocurrency. This is a modern solution, which speeds up the process and reliability of depositing in the casino. 

Responsible gaming

Tangiers Casino, which legally conducts gambling activities, includes an important item on the website called "Responsible Gambling. This section is important for the gambler to re-read periodically to avoid gambling addiction. It can ruin the player, harm his life and those around him. Therefore, the institution takes it seriously and demands the same attitude from the players. 

Here are a few items from this section: 

  • users are prohibited from playing the machines in an alcoholic state, under the influence of medicines and psychotropic, narcotic substances;
  • the institution cannot physically control the player's state. However, in altered states by drugs, the gambler can lose a large sum and harm himself;
  • It is not necessary to bet your last money on the machines. You should not borrow money from relatives and acquaintances, take credit, sell valuable things to bet at the end;
  • If the user notices that after playing the machines he does not feel well, you should suspend participation in the casino for a while; 
  • In the personal cabinet the user can see how much time and money has been spent on the platform;
  • there are losses in the casino and the gambler needs to understand this;
  • the institution should not play when the gambler is depressed or dejected. On such days it is better to do without gambling;
  • it is important for the gambler to remember that he can contact the support service at any second to ask for help. The casino operators can provide contacts of specialized medical specialists who can help with gambling addiction; 
  • also, the player can set the amount and size of the bet within a day, a week in the personal cabinet. If it is necessary to suspend access to the playground completely, the player should write a letter to support with a request for a temporary restriction;
  • the Responsible Gaming section of the Tangiers Casino website includes services that can help a gambler with a gambling addiction. In the first service, players share anonymously about their experiences to help other gamblers get out of a difficult situation. In the second service, a player can take a self-assessment test and get advice and guidance.

It is important to emphasize that the player should remember that gambling establishments are created primarily for pleasure. There is no need for the player to rely on the casino, as the main income.  


In the "Community" section, players can find information about the Vip Club, promotions and responsible play.

At the bottom of the casino site, the gambler can choose the language of the platform. Additional sections of the site are available: FAQ, contact, terms & conditions, bonus rules, banking, promotions, vip club. 


In the FAQ section for the gambler we have collected questions that are often asked by other players. For example, a user has a question about verification. The FAQ section can give tips on how to pass the verification with step-by-step steps. If the user has not found an answer to his question in the FAQ guide, then it is worth contacting the support service of the casino.

Vip club

Players on the Tangiers gambling platform can go to the "Vip club" section. In this section is presented for gamblers: vip program, vip events, vip account managers.

Vip program 

There are five degrees of Vip program available to New Zealanders. It includes individual rewards for activity. Casino accrues for activity cashback, bonuses, cash, invitations to private events, etc. Thanks to the Vip program, the player can participate in unique tournaments.

Vip events 

In addition to cash prizes, tangiers casino draws expensive trips around the world, gadgets, tickets to VIP events. Also, players have a chance in vip club to get a ticket to private parties, where the gambling elite gathers.

Vip account managers

For Vip clients are assigned managers who are in touch around the clock and at any time ready to answer the phone, sms, to solve the problem of gambler with vip status. 

Bonus Rules 

Since the gaming establishment Tangiers constantly offers promotions and special offers to gamblers, New Zealanders should definitely pay attention to the rules of bonuses. 

Below are formed a few rules, which the player should take into account:

  • the player can win a maximum of 100 Australian dollars from free spins. The main feature is that the gambler has to win back 20 times;
  • the free spins bonus is only given to the player for 7 days. Once the time expires, the bonus expires.


Section "Bonus Rules" the player can find at the bottom of the site and there is spelled out all the conditions for bonus offers in the casino.

It is important for gamblers to remember that it is not allowed to create multiple accounts for a player in order to receive bonuses. As soon as the security system detects an additional account at the gambler, a command to block the accounts is transmitted. The casino blocks the accounts without a refund.

Here are the statistics total gambling expenditure in Australia in financial year 2020, by type - https://www.statista.com/statistics/943358/australia-total-gambling-expenditure-by-type/ 

Security at Tangiers Casino

Tangiers Casino provides players with a high level of security, thanks to the security mechanisms and add-ons, which work around the clock on the gaming platform. On the site, all information that the player enters is encrypted and is not shared with third parties. The official casino website is under the protection of SSL protocols. Additionally, the gambler can not worry about the possibility of infection by malicious viruses and Trojans, as the casino is reliably protected by the following add-ons: McAfee Secure, Norton Secured, PCI.

Customer Service

Support service at Tangiers Casino is available 24 hours a day and the gambler can contact by writing an e-mail. Support email contacts are listed on the official website of the casino. During a certain time of the game, the gambler may face a situation where only the support operator can help, as there is no answer in the FAQ section. For example, the New Zealander credited the account, but the money is not displayed in the personal cabinet. 

The player must immediately compose a letter in which to specify the amount and date of payment and send it to the e-mail address support. Operators will check as quickly as possible what the cause, and if the problem on the side of the technical department, they will notify the player. Also, if everything is fine on the side of the casino, and the nuance in the bank or payment system, the operators will write about this outcome.

The table below contains data about the casino license, jackpot, developers. Also, the player can learn from the table about the options of communication with support, on what operating systems can play in the casino, and whether demo mode is available in the slots. The casino is constantly updated list of developers and new games appear. This increases the total jackpot, which can break any gambler.

1.2  Login and registration in the casino

Gambler needs to perform a few steps to register at the casino Tangiers:

  • go to the official site of the gambling establishment and click "Join now". Then, the player will get a window where he will have to enter his data in the form: last name, first name, nickname, phone number, email, password. Also, the player needs to choose the currency;
  • After filling out the form, the player should click on the "Sign me up" button.

It is important to note that gamblers under the age of 18 are not allowed to register at the casino. As soon as the system detects such an account, the security regulator can put a ban on deposits or block them forever. Аt tangiers casino play online can a gambler who is over 18 years.

1.3 Promotional offers and bonuses at the casino

Casino Tangiers constantly offers players bonuses and promotions at the online institution.  

In the "Promotions" for the player casino has prepared a whole calendar, which displays the current offers from the institution for every day.  

The following promotional offers are active at Tangiers Casino: 

  • If a player deposits up to $49, he will receive a reward from the casino in the amount of 50%. This reward is charged on all deposits;
  • The player is guaranteed to receive a bonus of 100% of the amount deposited, if the balance of 50 to 74 AUD;
  • The gambler can get a bonus of 150% of the amount. The player needs to replenish his account from 75 to 99 Australian dollars;
  • With a deposit of $100 to $199, the player receives rewards from the casino 300%;
  • For large deposits, the casino rewards generously. If a player deposits more than $200, the institution rewards the gambler with a bonus of 400% of the deposit amount;
  • If a player makes a deposit between A$500 and A$999, the gambler receives a generous 500% bonus;
  • If you deposit an amount of 1,000 Australian dollars or more, the player will receive a reward of 500% of the deposit;
  • 400% bonus is available to gamblers. The promotional offer is activated on the first three deposits to be made in cryptocurrency;
  • for gambling activity casino rewards its players with a cashback of 15%;
  • when making a deposit of 25 Australian dollars, the player gets a chance to get free spins on the Interstellar program. In addition to winning free spins, the player can receive as a reward cash, Amazon vouchers. Also, the "Interstellar" promotional offer includes $50 and $75 deposits. All players who make deposits of the corresponding amounts have the opportunity to win a prize of up to 20,000 Australian dollars;
  • player is available attractive offer from the casino, which has the opportunity to win up to 25,000 Australian dollars. To participate in the promotional offer, the player needs to deposit a balance of 50 Australian dollars and the casino system will credit the gambler scratch card. In the card can be hidden: freespins, cash prizes, bonuses. The player can win a large jackpot if a deposit of more than A$500 is made. In addition to the jackpot, the player can break his luck in the form of: bitcoins, Amazon voucher.
  • gamblers can take part in a big tournament from the casino. To participate, the player must make a deposit of 500 Australian dollars. The main task of the player, get the maximum number of points, which are then checked by the system among all gamblers for the amount. The winners are those players who have collected the most points. 

There are only 20 prizes in the big tournament. Each prize place is rewarded with a cash prize. First place is awarded 10,000 Australian dollars. Players who finished in 11th to 20th place will get AUD$1,000. For 2nd place, the player will get $7500 AUD. In third place gets AUD $500. For the fourth place - 2500 AUD. Gamblers who finished in 5th-10th place are rewarded with a cash prize of $1,000. 

 The table below shows the data for casino bonuses. It is important for the player to look at the calendar of active offers. So, for example, on Monday for the gambler is available five promotional offers, and on Tuesday already seven. For each day of the week, the number of offers is indicated, and the conditions for receiving the bonus are clearly spelled out.

It is important to note that players can withdraw up to 4000 Australian dollars a week. Additionally, if the player deposits in cryptocurrency, it will not be possible to withdraw funds to a bank card or other payment system. The withdrawal will be made to a cryptocurrency wallet. In addition to the amount of withdrawal, there is another rule in the casino system. A player can send an unlimited number of payment requests per week, but only one will be approved. The rest will be carried over to the next week.

The player needs to be aware of the fact that the casino may request documents for additional verification. Due to the fact that the casino values its reputation and tries to provide players with a high level of security, the institution may request, for example, documents on the card. This can be a bank statement, an additional photo with a payment card (selfies). The casino does such actions in order to reduce fraud. 

There are situations when a player who is under 18 years old is registered at the institution and uploads the documents of another person of full age. Thanks to the additional documents, the casino can detect violations by an underage player, and put a ban on the deposit or even block the account.

1.4. Tangiers Casino mobile app

At the moment, not many players in Australia have phones or even computers. Therefore, the developers of the casino have not yet released an official mobile application. You could say this is a project for the future, but for now, all players who have a mobile device can go in a browser to the main site of the online institution, log in, and start spinning the reels. All games in the mobile version of the site open correctly and work flawlessly.

The advantage of playing in the browser is that the gambler does not need to download any third-party add-ons. However, it is important for the player to go to the official website. Due to the fact that every day scammers create similar casino sites and advertise them, beginners and experienced players can fall into deception. By opening a third-party site, the gambler risks losing his confidential information and payment data. 

In the mobile version of the casino, the player is available: slots, classic machines, live and table games.

The player can see on the main page of the machines, which are divided into categories: popular, pokies, classic pokies, table games, video poker. 

If the New Zealander wants to see more machines, on the left is a menu with sections with the names of the categories of games. 

1.5. Tangiers mobile casino for Android 

New Zealanders can use a mobile device that runs on the Android operating system, go to the casino and play slots. 

To do this, a few steps have to be taken: 

  • open a browser. If the user does not have a browser on his phone, the gambler can additionally download it from google play;
  • enter the tangiers casino Aussie site in the browser line;
  • Once the site has opened, the player must log in and you can spin the reels.

It is important that the player has a good Internet connection so that the site and the games will load quickly and work correctly.

1.6. Tangiers mobile casino for iOS

Players can enter the online institution tangiers casino from a cell phone, which is installed operating system iOS. 

To start playing in the casino, the gambler needs to perform the following actions: 

  • the gambler needs to go in the browser to the official website of the Tangiers casino. In the AppStore, the player can install an additional browser for convenience, if not on the device;
  • Once the site of the institution opens, the New Zealander needs to log in or register and you can start playing the machines.

1.7 Deposit & withdrawal method

            Players can conveniently deposit their accounts at Tangiers Casino. In order to deposit the account, the player needs to click on the "Deposit" button.

New Zealanders can deposit their casino account using the following methods:

  • with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, USDT;
  • Neosurf;
  • Visa. 

The table below shows the methods by which the gambler can replenish personal balance. Additionally indicated: type, fee, minimum and maximum deposit. Funds are credited instantly. If the player will replenish his account with a bank card, it is possible that a commission will be applied. It depends on what type of bank the gambler has. For cryptocurrency replenishment without commission.

The table below shows the withdrawal methods that can be used by the gambler. All requests for withdrawal casino team considers within 72 hours. In addition to the consideration of the withdrawal application, the player must be verified. This means that the gambler's account must be documented. It is important to note that players can apply for withdrawal from Monday to Friday. If a player requests a withdrawal on a weekend, the appeal will be considered on weekdays. 

New Zealanders can withdraw their winnings using the following options: 

  • cryptocurrency wallet. Funds can be withdrawn в bitcoin, litecoin;
  • Bank Transfer.

Funds to the cryptocurrency wallet are credited instantly. If the gambler orders a bank transfer, he will need to wait for 5-15 business days.

The player is recommended to pass the verification in the personal cabinet. The process of verification of documents takes 5 working days.

The Most Commonly Used Casino Payment Methods Available in Australia for Quick Withdrawals. Show more info - https://www.casinolifemagazine.com/blog/most-commonly-used-casino-payment-methods-available-australia-quick-withdrawals  

1.8. Games at the Tangiers Casino

The following games are available to users at Tangiers Casino: pokies, classic pokies, table games, video poker. 


The Pokies section displays the games that are recommended by the casino. At the top the player can filter by name and novelty slots. Most of the games the gambler can run in demo version, even without registration. 

In the first row of this section are recommended from the casino slots: Wolf Treasure, Wild Sevens JP, Hearts Desire, Outback Heat, Sleighin It, Wild Diamond. 

Wild Diamond

Wild Diamond slot includes five reels and ten winning lines. When the player performs a spin, there is a chance for the gambler to win up to 1000 credits. The machine has a Wild symbol, which looks like a diamond. Thanks to the Wild symbol, the gambler can replace other pictures and make a winning combination. 

The slot has a high RTP of 94%, which shows the percentage return to the invested money player. The gambler can use the risk game, which can double the balance or break a winning streak. The main symbols on the reel: cherry, sevens, plum, orange, lemon and grapes. In the slot, the player can get bonus spins that can increase the balance. At tangiers casino AU, players can run this slot without making a deposit in demo mode.

Wolf Treasure

Wolf Treasure slot is located the very first, as it is at the peak of popularity and casino recommendations. This slot is dedicated to wildlife and the player can see animals on the reel images. The slot includes five reels and 25 paylines. The RTP of the machine is 96%. Wild and scatter symbols are available in the game. 

The wild symbol in the machine is a wolf. If a player collects three or more scatter symbols, the slot will start five free spins. For players available feature Money Respin. The essence of this feature is that the spin falls money values. As soon as the player sees six or more symbols on the reel with the image of money, then this function will start. After the spins, which correspond to the number of replays, the total number of money symbols is summed up and transferred to the player's account.  

The gambler can choose the automatic game in the slot functions, where it is allowed to adjust the number of spins. 

Classic pokies 

In the section of classic machines, the player will find only eleven games. In the first row are placed: Big Bang 3 Lines, Red Chili Hunter 5, Treasures of Pharaon 5 Line, Black Diamond 5 Line, Three Times the Riches, Wild Sevens 5 Lines. In the classic slots unregistered users can not play. To run the slot, you must be a member of the casino.

Red Chili Hunter 5

Classic slot Red Chili Hunter 5 is so simple that it will understand even a child. The slot machine includes three reels and five paylines. New Zealanders can try their luck in this machine and win a sum of 6,000 times the bet. The player can see symbols on the reels: cactus, Bar, pepper. 

In the Red Chili Hunter 5 slot machine there are no bonus rounds and complicated bonus accruals, everything is simple. The machine, you could say, is versatile, because in it the gambler can spin the reels with a small balance and with an average. 

Treasures of Pharaon 5 Line

Classic slot Treasures of Pharaoh 5 Line is designed with the themes of ancient Egypt. Players will see gold and pharaohs in this machine. The slot has 20 paylines and 5 reels. To start this slot players will get in the casino only after authorization. The atmosphere of treasure will take New Zealanders to the world of the Pharaohs. The slot has bonus rounds and free spins. 

Table games

New Zealanders can try their hand at table games, which includes the Tangiers Casino. In the institution, the gambler can play blackjack and roulette. There are a total of 12 games in the catalog. For example, users can take part in European roulette first and then switch to electronic roulette. A player can run American blackjack first and then European blackjack. 

American and European Blackjack

Players prefer to enjoy American Blackjack more than European Blackjack. This is due to the fact that American blackjack is more profitable. The main advantage is that the dealer gets two cards at once, while in European blackjack he gets one card.  


Roulette in casinos is liked by many New Zealanders. This game is believed to be the most popular in the world, and the casino gives you the opportunity to run it on the gambling platform. The institution offers different types of roulette, including American and European roulette. The main difference is the presence of several zero sectors and a smaller table size in American roulette.

Video poker

Гемблеры имеют возможность играть в видео покер различных видов: Deuces Wild, Deuces and Joker, Joker Poker, Pontoon, Triple Edge Poker, Three Card Rummy, Oasis.

The table below shows the slot machine categories and popular slots. Not all slots are presented, as the casino has a huge game library. 

Before uploading to the library of games in the casino, each slot is thoroughly checked by the developer for bugs and bugs. In the casino, the slot already works flawlessly. The gambler needs to have a good internet connection to play.

1.9. How to play in Tangiers Casino beginner gambler. Tips & Tricks

For a novice gambler to play in an online institution, he must first register. After creating an account in the casino, the player has two options to run slots: use the demo version and play for real money.

Experienced players recommend that beginners adhere to the following tips to increase the number of winnings:

  • A beginner should first start at tangiers casino play free in the demo version of the slot. In free mode, the player can get acquainted with the internal interface of the slot, to understand the mechanics and functionality. Also, the player can try to apply different strategies and understand how they work in practice. Only after a detailed study of the slot, the gambler should play for real money;
  • the gambler needs to learn how to manage their own budget. Bet all the money on one spin - a foolish idea. It is desirable to plan in advance a certain number of rounds. Thus, the player can increase the number of chances to get more winnings;
  • it is important for a beginner to learn to control his own emotions. During the game, the gambler can catch luck by the tail and get a big win. However, on the wave of emotions, the user can increase the amounts of bets and turn the winnings into zero. After big winnings it is worth to pause or continue the game with minimum bets.

Gamblers may associate the gaming platform with a cool movie about tangiers casino las vegas, an institution that does not really exist. Some new players think that the institution existed, but it did not really exist. 

1.10.  FAQ

How the demo mode is useful?

Thanks to the demo mode, the player can see how the slot works, check the mechanics and functionality of the slot, and the gambler does not need to invest money. In demo mode, the casino accrues virtual coins to the gambler, and you can spin the reels at any time of day.

Can the gambler withdraw his winnings playing the demo version of the slot? 

In the demo version, the player can not withdraw the winnings. All winnings remain in the casino. To be able to withdraw winnings, the gambler needs to play for real money.  

In the casino gambler must be verified? 

Yes, verification is a mandatory procedure in the casino. The gambler will need to upload personal documents in order to successfully withdraw the won funds. 

What happens if the gambler loses internet access during the game?

The final round will be played and the casino system will put the slot on pause. The gambler can not worry that without the presence of the game will continue to play and withdraw funds.

Why aren't some of the games displayed? 

If the player does not display some of the games, the gambler should check his Internet connection. 

The player has not replenished funds to the account, what to do?

Gambler need to immediately contact support and operators will solve the problem.

Is it safe for a gambler to enter personal payment details of bank cards on the casino?

On the casino site, the player can enter their payment information and do not worry about security, as all data are securely encrypted and stored on secure servers.

 Can a player use more than one payment method?

Yes, the gambler can use different methods of payment systems when depositing and withdrawing funds. However, it is advisable for the player to order payment to the payment system from which the deposit was made. 

Can a player deposit money for a friend? 

The player will not be able to deposit a friend in the casino Tangiers, because there is no such function on the site. 

Where can a player see the current promotions? 

Current special offers the player can see in the "Promotions" section.