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Top 10 casino winnings in the UK in the last years


Why do you enter a land-based casino? To win, of course! Going beyond the fun hours you spend with your mates drinking and laughing, your main focus when passing through the doors of that establishment is to score some winnings. That applies to online casinos too, but despite the physical ones, the gambling websites come with a helping hand in the form of bonuses suitable for all types of players. 

Everybody knows that winning on slots, Blackjack or Roulette is not guaranteed, yet punters believe in their “lucky star” and do their best to create the best strategy or never give up on that unique symbol that can change all. The UK gambling market registered some high winnings over the years, accomplishments that may motivate British players to keep enjoying their time with all kinds of games.

10. A woman got her hands on staggering jackpot

Mrs. Patricia entered Aspers Casino without any clue that she would go home a million times happier. She inserted several pounds in the Fort Knox machine, set her stake at 40p and started spinning the reels. After a few moments the jackpot was announced and the woman won a prize of £18,265. The progressive jackpot allows for a big prize pool to continuously accumulate as people play the game. The General Manager declared that the casino was thrilled to see Patricia win the jackpot. Furthermore, the new government law allowed gamers a higher chance to win the cash prize.

9. Man banned from casino after winning £28,000 on Roulette

Balvinder Sambhi from Birmingham discovered a way to trick failure and created a “no-lose” system. He spent years perfecting his betting system and ended up winning £28,000 at Grosvenor Casino. But the casino didn’t like that, said the player that never lost with his custom-made system. He declared that “I used to go into the casino every day and there was never a problem when I was losing thousands of pounds.” Mr. Sambhi is writing a book that will “tell everything” and its primary purpose is to help other punters.

8. Punter from Glasgow scooped £73,887 on Blackjack

Do you fancy playing your cards on Blackjack? Maybe the next time you do it, you will be more focused on your strategy. A local gambler from Glasgow sure was and ended up winning an overall prize of £73,887.27 on Ace King Suited table game. That was the highest jackpot prize ever won in the country. We don’t know what the lucky winner did with his prize, but we are sure that he enjoyed it to the fullest. 

7. A shopkeeper took home more than £111,698 from a casino

Lady luck smiles at you when you least expect it. A 39-year-old shopkeeper from Coventry had an epic night when he left Grosvenor Casino with a prize of £111,698.26. He was playing Ace King Suited side bet and got a chance of winning one of three jackpots. If you draw a Blackjack match with the dealer, you will be the lucky winner and the shopkeeper did. Paul Davies, general manager at the casino, said that they were very excited to have a jackpot winner with the new Ace King Suited progressive side bet.

6. Mike Ashley won £1.3m on Roulette spin

The billionaire businessman amazed gamblers when it hit the jackpot on a single spin of the Roulette wheel. The magic happened in a private casino in Mayfair where Mike Ashley wagered a certain amount of cash on every inside bet that included the number 17.  Mr Ashley is a member of the casino and his love of number 17 extends to football too. The billionaire left the table after 15 minutes and received rounds of applause.

5. Sir Phillip Green almost broke Les Ambassadeurs

A constant visitor of Les Ambassadeurs and a European Roulette enthusiast, Mr. Green won £2 million in one lucky night and maybe further £1 million on subsequent sessions. When he was asked about the amazing jackpot, he simply responded that “I had a fantastic night at the tables. No kidding!” The retail magnate fancies playing a mixed system of even-money bets alongside straight up bets.

4. Fisherman got a £5 million jackpot prize on slot

If you were to ask us, we would choose to retreat in a quiet place after this high win, but the deep-sea fisherman from Aberdeenshire keeps working. He succeeded to get his hands on a £5.4 million jackpot by playing Hall of Gods. The man is a regular customer at BetVictor and when he was asked about his thoughts about this great jackpot he replied that “the biggest ever UK online jackpot has been a dream come true for me and my family as it will change our life.”

3. BGO player won a fortune on Mega Fortune

Chris was a player at BGO and decided to enjoy some fun hours playing Mega Fortune. Little did he know that it was the day that would change his life because the father-of-two scooped a high win from a stake of £1.25. The symbols arranged in their best way and Chris won an incredible £6.2 million. Danny Mahon from the online casino said it was the biggest win in the site’s history.

2. Newbie struck £6.3 million on Hall of Gods

Neil from Aberdeen followed the new player path: discovered an online casino, opened an account and deposited £5. After that, he launched Hall of Gods and started to play with a bet of £4 on a spin. He was having fun in the kitchen, enjoying its time with Hall of Gods. Lady Luck smiled at him and Neil hit the multi-million windfall and ended up with his own £6.3 million. With all that money, Neil decided to buy a house for his parents, take his children to Disneyland and donate some of his winnings to charity.

1.UK Veteran won amazing £13.2 million on Mega Moolah 

Jon Heywood, 26, from Crewe, Cheshire was shocked when a particular Tuesday night transformed into the best night of his life. The Afghanistan veteran soldier was playing Mega Moolah online and a 25p casino bet brought him £13.2 million. He made a total deposit of £30 and placed 25p bets, which made the winning spin come in after just seven minutes. Lance Corporal Heywood decided that he would give some of his money to his father that suffers some health problems.

Now, there’s no need to focus just on winning when you start playing at a casino or online casino. Your purpose must be to have fun and if it happens to hit that spectacular jackpot, well, lucky you!