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Twin Rivers and Caesars


The recent deal between Twin Rivers and Caesars with the intended purchase of Bally’s Hotel & Casino was a “win-win,” for both parties.  Great price for Twin Rivers while subtracting by one, the multiple property ownership in AC for Caesars.  With the pending merger of Eldorado (Owns Tropicana in AC) and Caesars, (Owns, Harrah’s, Wild West, Caesars and Bally,) Caesars was overloaded.

Bally’s opened in 1979, under the ownership of then Bally Manufacturing. It has 121,600 sq. ft. of casino space, 1,251-hotel rooms and 63,600 sq. ft. of convention space. It also contains all the accommodations of an integrated resort such as: bar, restaurants, retail and spa amenities as well as a parking garage on site. The Bally property although dated and needing some infrastructure upgrades is located in a great location on the boardwalk and showcases a very large footprint. Although Atlantic City does not need another casino; there is nothing wrong with the addition of a new casino brand, within one of the existing structures. Competition is great for the customers!  R. Ambrose    (Photo ©r.ambrose)