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Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020 Preview

Yulia Chopenko, the event coordinator of Smile-Expo company, answers the questions

Has the anticipation of gambling business legalization had an impact on the amount of interest in Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020?

Increased interest in the event was seen at all adoption stages of the law on gambling business legalization. Enactment of the new law drew even more attention to the exhibition.

The exhibition floor area is 5,000 sq.m., and all stands have been taken by exhibitors as from today. Despite the fact that the conference program has been formed and closed, experts keep submitting applications for participation. Great interest in the event is shown by Ukrainian and foreign media. They are offering partnerships and file queries for accreditation.

We expect UGW 2020 to be the first and largest (after the adoption of the law on gambling legalisation), specialized event that will bring together industry professionals and everyone interested in the revival and growth of the market.

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