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What Canadian Players Should Look For in Online Casinos

Canada has a big online casino scene that is growing, and players should always be on the lookout for certain criteria. In certain provinces in Canada, the gambling industry has grown a huge amount, and players are looking for the top features and brands to place their bets with.

Criteria can vary from the games that are on offer through to some of the more administrative info like how payments can be made.

According to statistics, the appetite for gambling across Canada is definitely there across most of the population. It is suggested that 63% of men and up to 57% of women report spending at least something on a form of gambling every single month. Research can hold the key to finding the right online casino brands, ensuring the right choice and trustworthiness.

Finding a top casino brand isn’t necessarily easy, and people looking for a real money online casino in Canada need to know they can be confident in the brand they are gambling with. That’s why we’ve performed a deep dive into some of the criteria that players should check out. Use this as a sort of checklist when you’re vetting potential new casinos to try.


Canada’s casino scene is a super competitive market, the Gambling market in Canada is projected to hit a high revenue of US$4.19bn in 2024 with new sites and developers launching in the industry. Bonuses are one of the ways that they set themselves apart from the competition and provide players with an incentive.

Signup bonuses are some of the most common, as casinos are looking to get new signups, some casinos also have loyalty bonuses and other methods.

Ease of Deposits/Withdrawals (and Methods)

People can pay for things using their watch or phone now, and the way money works has totally changed, so moving money around on online casinos should be simple and straightforward too. Phone payments and cards still have their place, but there are more methods than ever now, including things like Apple Pay which adds an extra layer of security and simplicity that can help players move their money.

Whenever signing up for a new casino in Canada, players should look at the methods that they can use to make deposits and withdrawals and whether these suit their lifestyle. If you use your phone for everything, you wouldn’t want to use a site that doesn’t allow this and requires you to use your bank card.

Selection of Games

Ancient Egyptian slot games, traditional casino table games…everybody has their own tastes. One of the criteria people should look at is the selection of games on offer at a specific casino. Look at it this way, in an age with a huge number of developers there’s no excuse for not having a lot of options for players.

Even if a player is more likely to just play one type of game, it is worth exploring the other options on a site, and knowing whether there are options or not.

Live Dealers

Some people don’t care about having live dealers on their games. Slot game enthusiasts really don’t need to think too much about this if they’re more interested in these kinds of interfaces. Dealers play an important part in the experience and nowadays online games can incorporate real people at the other end of a video camera. There are even competitions to decide the best dealers, proving they are a big part of the casino experience.

Other Reviews

It is worth exploring the experiences that other people have had when it comes to playing on casinos. Reviews are easy to find online now, and there are many sites that are independently showing the experience people have and let you make your mind up about the site. There are also professional reviews showing the experience of others who have used the site.

Mobile Gaming

More people gamble using mobile devices than using any other method in the majority of locations all over the world. Canadian gamers at least value the option to play on their mobile device, logging in while on their lunch break or traveling around (there’s plenty of Canada to travel) is always a bonus. 10 or 15 years ago not so many games used Flash as the coding language and didn’t have compatibility with some Apple devices, phones, and also Android devices, but this has changed and most developers now make games that can be played on a wide variety of devices.


Got a problem with something on your account, or a question to ask? You’re going to want to access some level of support, and all casinos should offer this. Live chat is one of the most effective methods, but some also have phone lines for people to call if they need help with anything. The more options for support, the better the experience tends to be. It also makes a big difference if they respond quickly.

Casino criteria may vary for each individual, but in a relatively new and growing Canadian industry, it is key to know what to look for, and each customer should do a bit of research.