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Women & Gambling: Is Women’s Involvement In The Industry Increasing?

In this modern world, the push towards gender equality is more prevalent than ever before. We observe this in business, in sport, in parenting; it seems that no facet of life is exempt. Even gambling, a male-dominated industry, is seeing an uptick in women’s involvement.

What are the reasons for this increased involvement? Is it a natural progression in keeping with the move to gender equality? Our author here, Michelle Thomas, is a gambling expert and has some ideas on the subject.

The Rise of Online Gambling

In the past, thinking of a casino would conjure up images of men clustered around tables in smoky poker dens, cigars and whisky in hand; or rich, Las Vegas-style “whales” wagering piles of chips on the spin of a wheel. The only women in evidence in these scenarios were the casino staff or the glamorous trophy wives.

The rise in popularity of brick and mortar casinos brought more women gamblers onto the casino floor, but they were still the minority. The real change came with the advent of virtual casinos and online gambling. Women no longer needed to feel uncomfortable or insecure about visiting a casino. They could do so from their own home. As mobile devices have taken over, you can now access sites like Casino Canada and play at a casino anywhere and at any time.

Targeted Marketing

The female population is a massive group for casinos to tap into to increase player numbers, and there are many tools that they can use to do so.


Online casinos and betting sites are moving away from the macho designs of old and embracing a more neutral style. Some may employ specific colour schemes or layouts that target female players, but they mostly stick to a more generic look.


The range of slots and games available also caters equally to both genders. Some game designers develop new games with the female players in mind, incorporating cute animals, feminine colour schemes and themes.

Advertising Themes

Brick and mortar casinos promote gambling’s glamorous side to try and attract both male and female players. They also focus on the games, winning and the fun, social side of gambling, which has widespread appeal. Women like to do things in groups, and you’re more likely to find them in packs at casinos than individually.

Social Media

Women spend a lot of time on social media, in particular, Facebook and Instagram. Online casinos benefit by linking to these media, enabling a quick transition to their site. Women are enthusiastic players and happy to share their activities, scores and wins on social media giving the casinos valuable publicity.


Success Stories

In gambling, gender statistics indicate that women tend to stick to wagers based on chance rather than play strategy games. They prefer playing the slots, online bingo and lotteries. A game like a poker is traditionally male-dominated, with very few women taking part.

An exception to this unwritten rule and significant female figures in competitive gambling is Vanessa Selbst, a former professional poker player from America. She is the only woman to have reached number one in the Global Poker Index, among other accolades. Not only has she shown that women can be as successful as men at Poker, but she’s also inspired many other women to follow their dreams.

Women's achievements aren’t limited to gambling. When it comes to business, there are some very successful women in this industry. Denise Coates is one such powerhouse, having started an online betting operation from a Portakabin in her backyard in 2000. This start-up developed into the multi-billion dollar, global online betting site Bet365, of which she’s CEO.

Final Thoughts

The gambling industry is continuously changing, with new technology and developments, ensuring an increase in interest. Women play a much more significant role in this than ever before. It may be some time before they catch up to the men, but you can’t underestimate their growing influence.