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Women in Gaming: Amne Suedi

Why is ICE Africa important for the local gaming industry and why are you supporting this year’s event?

ICE Africa is a critical platform that brings various key stakeholders in gaming with a focus on the African market.  This is especially important as more conversations are centred around the Fourth Industrial Revolution and what it means for Africa,  particularly as gaming is one of the industries that are heavily reliant on technology. I am supporting this year’s event because as a professional in the industry, it is important to be part of the industry discussions so I can contribute my expertise in helping to shape the direction along with other industry colleagues and to stay abreast of trends so I  can be in a position to advise my clients on the basis of the latest information.

This year’s celebration of Women In Gaming highlights the contributions made by inspirational and motivational women to the gaming ecosystem on the continent of Africa. The women that we are featuring come from all sectors of the industry and nations on an international landscape.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities and learn more about becoming one of this year's Women in Gaming, contact nazlee.fredericks@clarionevents.com