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Ye Shen (Mars) at Super High Stakes Week – Hustler Casino Live

The Hustler Casino Live Super High Stakes Week attracts many of the world’s top poker players. This year promises to be no exception with many World Series of Poker (WSOP) regulars set to enter what will be a fascinating series of games.

Hustler Casino Live has recently been launched to give viewers a chance to watch live games over TV from the exclusive Hustler Casino Crystal Room – the LA venue’s legendary high stakes room – into a stylish, professionally presented TV set that will host live games.

The transformation cost almost $1million and brings the world’s most professional TV poker presentation to fans. The casino has agreements for some of the biggest names in the professional game to become part of the commentary team, guaranteeing accurate knowledge and insight into the series. So, who can you expect to see at the Crystal Room table? Let us start with Ye Shen, a Chinese rising star who is making big waves in the poker world.

About Ye Shen

Born in Shanghai, China, Ye Shen played prominently in his home country and met his first notable success in 2nd place in 2012 CPC, $1,000 buy-in, $20,000 bonus. 2019 WSOP $1500 No Limit Hold’em Double Stack tournament. As his first appearance in a WSOP tournament a finish of 157th was considered promising and put all eyes on the Chinese player. His winnings totalled $3200 from the $1500 buy-in.

A few days later Ye Shen entered the WSOP $10,000 No Limit Hold’em - one of the most popular of all – and cashed out in his first major tournament with $15,000, a good return on his investment. Hustler Casino Live Poker Tracker, 300k with 12 wins, ranked 10th, top 10 winning player.

However, it was in in October 2021 that Ye Shen made his mark on the WSOP in the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Short Deck tournament. Up against many of the world’s most respected players, he finished in 10th place overall with winnings of more than $17,000. The future looks bright for the young Chinese, who promises to rise through the professional poker ranks. Who else can you expect to see at the Crystal Room table? Let us start with Aaron Zang.

About Aaron Zang

For poker fans, Aaron Zang needs no introduction. The Chinese player, who now lives in Macau, famously won the $1,050,000 No Limit Hold’em Triton Million for Charity, which offered the biggest prize fun in the game’s history. A total of $19million was promised for the winner.

Zang went head-to-head with another poker legend, American Bryn Kenney, who was 5:1 chips up. The two men made an agreement to split the prize fund. Against all the odds, Zang came through to win. However, due to the agreement the two had made, Zang took home the lesser prize of $16,775,820 with Kenney netting a cool $20,563,324 for finishing second. The latter is to date the biggest pay-out in poker history. Also expected to play in the live series is American Garrett Adelstein, whose career has focused almost entirely on live No Limit Hold’em games. A favorite with viewers, he is known for an aggressive approach and large bets.

There is no doubt that the Hustler Casino Live Super High Stakes Week will be a showcase for the new live TV production that poker fans across the world are eager to enjoy. Check out the project at the link we posted earlier in the article and keep up to date with upcoming WSOP tournaments at their own excellent website (website info https://www.trackingpoker.com/user-info/Mars).