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AB Trav och Galopp (ATG) receives a reprimand and a penalty fee for unauthorized bonus offers

Gaming companies with a Swedish license may only offer their customers a bonus at the first gaming opportunity. In connection with the launch of ATG's online bingo, players have been able to take advantage of bonus offers more than once.

Players who have bought bingo cards have been able to get free bingo cards for additional games at no extra cost. There has been no limit to the number of times a player has been able to take advantage of the offer. According to the Spelinspektionen, the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate, this constitutes an impermissible bonus within the meaning of the Gaming Act.

The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate considers there to be mitigating circumstances in the case, among them the fact that the violation took place over a short period of time and that ATG has taken corrective action as soon as it became aware of what was happening. All in all, this means that the infringement in this case is regarded as less serious and that a remark may therefore be regarded as a sufficient intervention. The remark is combined with a penalty fee of SEK 2 million.

AB Trav och Galopp offers games on the websites atg.se and sammen.atg.se

About the Spelinspektionen

The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate is the authority that ensures the Swedish gaming market is legal, safe and reliable. We protect the interests of consumers and must also contribute to reducing the risks of the socially harmful effects that gambling can cause.