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LAS VEGAS (Feb. 22, 2021) – “It’s time to make some green!” said The Gazillionaire this morning while emerging from his underground bunker to prepare for the reopening of ABSINTHE® by Spiegelworld.

Gaz and the Green Fairy will bring their signature splash of color back to The Strip this St. Patrick’s Day when ABSINTHE® returns on Wednesday, March 17, to its center-Strip stage at Caesars Palace where it will play at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Tickets starting at $149 are on sale now at Spiegelworld.com.

Gaz is setting aside a limited number of VIP tables for his high roller friends at every show. At $1,000 per table, a party of two will be able to sprawl out with comfort in the Impresario’s Reserve section. “I treat my friends right,” said Gaz. “For anyone who buys one of these $1,000 tables for the night, I’ll throw in a bottle of Dom Perignon for free! Where else can you get free Dom on The Strip?”

“After being shuttered for nearly a year, we are thrilled to retake our place on the stage in the Entertainment Capital of the World,” said Ross Mollison, Impresario Extraordinaire of Spiegelworld. “I couldn’t be happier to get ABSINTHE back onstage and all of our wonderfully talented artists and crew back to work.”

Spiegelworld remains committed to providing as safe an environment as possible for its guests, performers, and staff at ABSINTHE by maintaining extensive protocols, as outlined in its Health & Safety Plan. Ongoing health and safety efforts include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduced audience capacity in parties of two to six at sufficiently distanced cabaret tables spaced 25 feet away from the performers’ main stage, per the governor’s entertainment moat mandate.
  • Upon arrival, guests are asked to participate in a brief verbal health screening and no-contact temperature check before being ushered to their color-coded pod in the outdoor courtyard. Audiences are brought in and out of the venue by color section to avoid congestion at entrances and exits.
  • Masks are required to be worn by all artists, staff, and patrons while indoors and outdoors. Guests may briefly remove their mask while actively drinking but are otherwise asked to keep their face covering on.
  • A cashless, QR code-based cocktail service eliminates lines at the bar.
  • ABSINTHE’s world-famous spiegeltent, including seating areas and all frequently touched surfaces, is sanitized before and after every performance.

Mollison adds, “While we’re thrilled for ABSINTHE to return, the largest obstacle ahead for us in getting our other two shows, OPIUM  and ATOMIC SALOON SHOW, back onstage, like many other producers in town, is the 25-foot ‘live entertainment moat’ that makes staging a show in an intimate venue nearly impossible. We hope that by demonstrating the efficacy of science-backed health and safety practices, including masks worn by guests and staff at all times, we can be given the same consideration as restaurant or cocktail lounge venues which don’t require such distance.”

ABSINTHE resumes performances Wednesday through Sunday at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. in its spiegeltent at the foot of Caesars Palace on Wednesday, March 17. For tickets and more information, visit Spiegelworld.com.