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Affiliate Roulette Scores Big with Dual Nominations at iGB Affiliate Awards 2024

In the fast-paced world of iGaming affiliate marketing, one platform is causing quite a stir. Affiliate Roulette a relative newcomer to the scene, has earned not one but two coveted nominations for the upcoming iGB Affiliate Awards 2024. This groundbreaking achievement positions them as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

A Vision Transformed into Reality

Affiliate Roulette was launched with a clear vision: to redefine the iGaming Affiliate industry. In just a short time, they have set a new standard by creating a unique space for Affiliates and Operators to interact, market, and build trustworthy relationships. Their innovative approach is inspired by the efficiency of Trustpilot but goes far beyond traditional review sites.

Changing the Game for Operators and Affiliates

Affiliate Roulette isn't just another review site; it's a dynamic, community-driven hub. They're transforming the landscape for both Operators and Affiliates:

For Operators:

  • Rate and Review Affiliates: Gain valuable insights from firsthand experiences.
  • KPI Analysis: Share and learn about key performance indicators like ROI and FTDs.
  • Efficient Searches: Find the perfect affiliate match from their extensive directory.
  • Scam Protection: Verify affiliate profiles and histories.
  • Interactive Features: Engage in live chatrooms for discussions and feedback.
  • Featured Positions: Increase visibility to potential affiliates.

For Affiliates:

  • Free Marketing: Showcase your brand directly to Operators.
  • Build Reputation: Encourage reviews to establish trust and credibility.
  • Direct Negotiations: Collaborate closely with Operators, bypassing expensive networks.
  • Affiliate Roulette Seal of Trust: A symbol of excellent performance and reliability.
  • Visibility Boost: Claim featured spots for enhanced exposure.

A Built on Experience and Trust

Affiliate Roulette's founder brought over five years of iGaming industry experience to the table, aiming to bridge the gap between Operators and Affiliates. Their vision quickly became a reality, evident in their impressive launch figures: over 1000 Affiliate Profiles and 50+ rankings and reviews in just two months.

Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead

As part of their strategic approach to solidify their industry position, Affiliate Roulette proudly sponsored the Sigma Europe Summit 2023 from November 13th to 17th. This event provided them with a platform to showcase their innovative approach and connect with industry leaders.

Cost-Effective and User-Friendly

Affiliate Roulette offers free membership for Operators and their Affiliate Managers, with a basic company profile for Affiliates also available at no cost. For those seeking greater visibility, premium services and featured spots are available for a nominal fee.

Transforming the Industry

The dual nominations for the iGB Affiliate Awards are a testament to Affiliate Roulette's commitment to transforming the iGaming affiliate industry. With a user-friendly interface, community-centric approach, and a presence at the Sigma Europe Summit 2023, Affiliate Roulette is not just bridging gaps but also paving the way for a new era of collaboration and success.

Join Affiliate Roulette in celebrating this remarkable achievement and stay tuned for more exciting developments from this rising star in the world of iGaming affiliate marketing.

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