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AGA publishes new report ahead of Michigan’s commercial casinos reopening

With Michigan’s commercial casinos beginning to reopen, the American Gaming Association (AGA) has released Casino & Communities: Michigan. The report—completed prior to the nation’s COVID-19 outbreak—shows how critical casino gaming is to Michigan’s economy, and consequently, how important gaming will be to the state’s economic resurgence.

The report shows that the state’s 27 commercial and tribal casinos have an annual $6.3 billion economic impact on the state, generate $1.3 billion in state and local taxes each year, and support $2.1 billion in wages along with nearly 38,000 jobs.

The AGA’s new report features firsthand accounts of gaming’s impact on Michigan’s communities, including how the industry has partnered with numerous charities and funded government projects, making the gaming industry a pillar to Detroit’s economic revival and an invaluable resource for Michigan’s sovereign tribal nations.

Between March and July, the shutdown of Michigan’s casinos deprived statewide and local governments $114.1 million in gaming tax revenue. This includes $46.2 million earmarked for statewide K-12 education and $67.8 million in lost revenue for the City of Detroit that support youth development programing, economic development initiatives designed to create local jobs, and other local improvement projects.

Communities across Michigan rely on gaming for good jobs, partnership, and tax revenue. According to the report, the safe reopening of Michigan’s casinos is vital to getting the Great Lake State back on its feet.

The report can be viewed here