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BCLC Receives Highest Level of Certification for Player Health Programs

Vancouver, B.C., January 29, 2024 BCLC has received the World Lottery Association’s (WLA) Level 4 certification, the highest level granted by the WLA’s Independent Assessment Panel (IAP) for excellence in player health programming.

This is the fifth consecutive time BCLC has earned the Level 4 certification through the WLA’s rigorous assessment process.

As part of the certification, the IAP recognized BCLC’s Player Education program with a “Best Practice” outcome, which is used to determine certain program elements as “clearly beyond the norm” and demonstrative of “innovative policies, practices or evaluation measures.” The IAP highlighted BCLC’s “various targeted initiatives and set of evaluation measures” as well as the organization’s “ambitious plans moving forward” in its evaluation report.

“Receiving re-certification at Level 4 and the ‘Best Practice’ distinction is a strong endorsement of BCLC’s player-centric approach and evidence of the continuous improvement of our player health programs,” said Marie-Noëlle Savoie, BCLC’s Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President, Legal, Compliance and Security. “The innovation and collaboration across the organization has enabled this significant achievement and is what will drive further advancements to these player health supports.”

The Level 4 certification and “Best Practice” recognition validates BCLC as a continuing leader in player health across the industry. Various elements of BCLC’s player health program, including its ongoing research initiatives, employee training, player safeguards and stakeholder engagement activities, were determined to meet or exceed industry standards. BCLC is one of just 13 lottery jurisdictions in North America to achieve Level 4 certification.

In its submission, BCLC was proud to highlight successes such as its virtual GameSense Advisor (GSA) program, the introduction of an active reinstatement requirement to its Game Break voluntary self-exclusion program and the implementation of enhanced identification requirements at B.C. casinos to support those enrolled in Game Break. BCLC’s GameSense brand, which is made available to other commercial gambling entities through its licensing program, was also celebrated in the report.

The WLA is a global professional association of state lottery and gaming organizations from more than 80 countries. BCLC’s WLA certification is valid for three years.