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APEX gaming released the brand-new CLOVER-LINK XTREME and EVO4 Platform as well as the newest PINNACLE BLACK SERIES 32” EGM with the Clover-Lounge Chair at the ICE Show that took place in London.

The Clover Link Jackpot islands continue to enjoy popularity worldwide with the exquisite blend of player excitement which the games offer and the unique APEX design of these islands. Customers have an amazing choice: the BIG ISLAND, the ROUND EDITION, the WALL EDITION and now the SLIM EDITION with four-sided display.

Naturally, the APEX PLAYER STATION (APS) electronic roulette was on display. The fact that this solution is expandable and so can be linked to up to four roulette wheels (both live and/or electronic) gives operators more flexibility. The APEX EVO games can also be played on it (meaning that a player who wishes to play a slot game in between does not have to leave his or her seat). This provides for optimal player comfort. Of course, we can also connect our APEX EGM´s which has the latest EVO platform to our APS solution, so that the players can enjoy the roulette games on Slots.

Kubilay Özer, Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing at APEX gaming, was again very pleased from the feedback given during the three days at the show stating, “We have again made a real difference in what we do – CLOVER LINK is in huge demand. Now there is even more reason to choose CLOVER LINK – as this unique jackpot solution is now available as an xTreme Version. There are total of seven great games to choose from – clearly CLOVER LINK being the real hit.”