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NEW  ORLEANS, LA (January 2, 2023) -- As planning for the 5th annual Casino Marketing Boot Camp continues, founder Julia Carcamo, president of New Orleans-based casino marketing agency J Carcamo & Associates, is pleased to announce a new addition to the portfolio – Executive Casino Marketing Boot Camp.

Designed with the general manager in mind, the event will take place May 15-17, 2023, at Rolling Hills Casino Resort, located in Corning, California.

“The idea was originally brought to my attention after the first gathering of casino marketers. After expanding into regional markets with the Boot Camp concept and hearing the request come this time from general managers,” said Carcamo. “I knew the time was right to create a way for general managers who perhaps may not have a marketing background an opportunity to better understand the sometimes-elusive marketing tools and to form stronger bonds with their marketing teams.

Marketing is likely one of the largest expenditures on a casino’s financials and perhaps the most mysterious. The adage that half of your advertising works, but you’re not sure which half can feel very real to general managers and financial officers. Marketing is constantly evolving, and there is no sign of it slowing.

This two-day gathering is designed with the general manager in mind but is perfect for building skills alongside marketing leaders and finance stewards. The interactive-style sessions will tackle the most relevant and useful marketing to make a difference in a casino operation.

Casino Marketing Boot Camp is a full house of marketing training opportunities designed for casino marketers by casino marketers. Training is offered virtually and in-person and includes on-property Custom Boot Camps, regional Boot Camps scheduled throughout the year, the Casino Advertising Masterclass, the Casino Branding Masterclass, and an upcoming free webinar series on the Transformation of Casino Advertising.

More information on Casino Marketing Boot Camp can be found online at www.casinomarketingbootcamp.com.