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Casinos in Bangkok possible?

Casinos in Bangkok – Gambling has a long and turmoil history in Thailand. Siamese people traditionally play more than a hundred different games, but the country’s legislation has ups and downs when discussing licensed possibilities of pursuing luck around Bangkok. 

Is Casinos Gambling Illegal in Bangkok?

Currently, the country has strict regulations about gambling activities and their legality. Still, the government that depends on tourism wants to increase revenues by making casinos legal. Recently, the Lower House of Thai Parliament started to interest in legalizing casinos as the next step to securing the country’s economic growth. After finding that Singapore’s World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands resorts expanded the city-state economy by 14.5%, Thai politicians realized they needed to set licensing measures and establish supporting laws. In addition, Thailand has strong economic ties to Japan and expects a significant income from this country.

The Parliament has established a 60-member committee to study needed aspects of prospective legislation. Furthermore, they formed five subcommittees to tackle future Thai laws, taxation, investment efficiency, location, and the impacts of gambling on the broader population. While some see this move desperate answer to the official growth forecast of 1.2%, this could be an efficient response to the improvement of touristic profit heavily affected by recent events. In the meantime, locals and visitors can try their luck in two popular locations.

Founded in 1901, the Royal Bangkok Sports Club is an exclusive racecourse with one of the longest-running golf courses. The Club initially accepted only the Thai aristocracy and Western expatriates, but they also had open-door days for other audiences. Nevertheless, the RBSC remains an exclusive place to gather high society that enjoys horse racing betting. Interestingly, the club is highly selective of its members, who need to pass a strict selection process. For example, you can’t join the RBSC unless an existing member proposes you and the General Committee interviews you after a decade. Accordingly, there are only 12,500 seats, each paid $65,000.

Commonly known as the Nang Loeng Racecourse, the Royal Turf Club of Thailand under Royal Patronage was founded in 1916 when a group of aristocrats wanted to have an alternative to the RBSC. Today, this is a place to bet on horse racing events, while membership seems exclusive for all but senior military figures. The club also owns the Royal Dusit Golf Club, a multi-purpose hall, tennis courts, swimming pool, restaurants, and a fitness center. Moreover, members can bet on racing in three separate tiers, depending on their social and political status.

Casinos Gambling Laws in Bangkok

The first law was passed in 1930 when the premiership of Khuang Aphaiwong legalized gambling in Pran Buri District. Also, the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan was an official promoter of gambling activities. Even though it was a legitimate act to solve illegal casinos, dens, and criminal activities, the press and religious leaders attacked the Government of Thailand. Ultimately, the leading party had to abandon this attempt and give up all additional revenues from casinos.

Since the Gambling Act of 1935, all gambling activities other than horse races have been prohibited. The only exception is the government-owned and sponsored Thai Lottery. Moreover, the country’s Playing Card Act forbids any private party to have more than 120 playing cards unless the government’s approval powers their ownership.

On the other hand, gambling has a long history in Thailand, where locals participated in 100+ popular games. Also, the Siamese culture cherished the traditional form of gambling that presumes options such as bullfights, cockfights, and boat races. Thai can join in regular bi-weekly draws with more than 38 million tickets per round for the lottery. The government-owned Lottery Bureau keeps 28% of the sales, 12% goes to administration and management, while players can split prizes worth 60% of the share.

Casinos Outside Bangkok

As a tourist, you can visit shady casinos outside Bangkok. Still, we suggest you avoid these casinos and save yourself from legal hassles. The same goes for domestic casino players. On the other hand, there is a neutral zone near the Thailand-Cambodia border, and it takes approximately three hours from Bangkok to get to. Therefore, you can try your luck in some of the following resorts.

The Grand Diamond City Casino and Hotel Krong Poi Pet (Cambodia) is a 4-star resort featuring a pleasant gaming atmosphere and a free Wi-Fi connection. Players can sit at any table since the hotel works 24/7 and offers several jackpot-powered slot machines. Moreover, guests can enjoy various themed promotions and free chips. It is always possible to exchange chips for multiple perks, while vouchers worth around 300 bahts grant access to exclusive dining facilities.

The Star Vegas International Resort and Casino in Poipet offers more than 1,200 gaming machines. You can play 100+ table games such as baccarat, roulette, or Tai Sai while waiting for a party at Karaoke Piano Lounge. But if you want to enjoy online blackjack Australia versions you are always able to benefit from the list of reliable web casinos. After a long gaming session, the hotel offers a spa, traditional Thai massage, a fitness center, and a swimming pool. Visitors can stay in any of 385 rooms and suites.

Online Casino as an Alternative

Even though some legal bonds tie an average player to get more from his Bangkok experience, there is always an alternative to get a quality pastime. Of course, we talk about online gambling and all its benefits. For example, players worldwide enjoy live casino streaming which helps beginners to master the rules and inspire professionals, and Thai gamblers can follow in their footsteps in this attractive niche.

When playing an online casino, presuming a registered one, you’ll experience a safe and secure gaming environment with a growing range of playable options. Thai players can place bets on favorite sports such as football and golf or play themed video slots. The Asian market is rapidly growing, and it is possible to play games inspired by local tradition, culture, and history.


Until the Parliament upvotes legislation changes, Thai and international players can choose a casino in a neutral zone or play online. The industry growth and tourism recovered from the outbreak and the restrictions, quickly resolving current issues. For casino enthusiasts, Bangkok will soon be a destination where they enjoy local cuisine, luxury resorts, quality entertainment, and content-rich gambling.

Source: Chiang Ria Times