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Zitro’s 88 Link progressive multi-game has arrived at Cirsa’s casinos in Valencia and Marbella, with a series of unique and necessary features to be a safe bet in any casino.

Whether it is the impressive high-definition graphics, the state-of-the-art sound system or the attractive “Multiway” game mechanics, every player finds 88 Link a truly immersive gaming experience.

88 Link is featured on the ultra-slim Allure Glare cabinet with 3×27” Full HD monitors, along with the “SynchroScreen” feature, which synchronizes each of the upper screens, creating a stunning visual spectacle.

Raúl Calvo, Product Manager, Cirsa has stated that “Our casinos in Valencia and Marbella have a wide leisure offer, in which we are committed to offer the most successful products, such as 88 Link from Zitro, which has been very well received. 88 Link looks fantastic in our casino, and we have no doubt that its performance will delight our clientele”.

“We are very grateful to Cirsa for adding a high-end product to its gaming offering,” stated, Jaime Aníbal- Álvarez, Zitro’s Spain Director of Casinos. “Since its launch, 88 Link has grown to become a player favorite, and we are confident that it will be as successful in Cirsa casinos as it is being in many casinos around the world,” added Zitro’s Spain Casinos director.