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CNN Philippines launches new series The Future

Featuring in the first episode of CNN Philippines’s new TV series, ‘The Future’, SiGMA Group Founder Eman Pulis emphasized SiGMA’s role in bringing the iGaming and the tech community together during an interview with Jared Dillinger and Daniel Robbins.

He also touched on Manila’s role as a hub for iGaming in Asia, saying that the country had ‘done extremely well in regulating the gaming space.’

“We’re bringing those two verticals closer together and the potential for cross pollination has been fantastic. I see SiGMA as a vehicle that’s driving change,” he explained.

“Online gaming and tech businesses have little to no boundaries – they can expand and think globally, faster than any other businesses that require brick and mortar as part of their business. I talk not of
globalisation, I talk of glocalisation. It’s important to go local with your global mission.”

The future of business and gaming – watch the first episode

Hosted by dynamic trio Jared Dillinger, Kate Hancock, and Daniel Robbins, the series premiered on the 6th of December, with the opening episode focusing on the future of gaming and business.

The show also explores the inaugural edition of the SiGMA Asia expo, which was held in Manila this June. “It’s different, it almost feels like a festival,” says Dillinger as he walks around the event for the first time.

The series, which currently features 3 episodes, with more in the pipeline for 2024, strives to kickstart conversations that can inspire and guide entrepreneurs and professionals as they navigate a rapidly changing business landscape. “We love to participate in this expo [SiGMA Asia] every year, as it allows us to bring a more innovative gaming and service experience,” says Ed, PR Director at 9 Dynasty.

Taking viewers on a journey of enlightenment and education, each weekly episode unveils a distinct theme. An exceptional lineup of prominent guests include visionaries like Todd Schweitzer, the mastermind behind Brankas, Henry Aguda, the newly appointed President and CEO of UnionDigital Bank, and Len Findlay, the driving force behind Saltwater Games.

Expect also to heard from industry trailblazers like Jason Brink, the President of Blockchain at Gala Games, Rosalind Lee, the innovative CEO of Rola.ai, Ed, PR Director at 9 Dynasty, the visionary Zach Hirsch, Co-Founder of Mozverse, and the incomparable Gary Vaynerchuck (Gary V), the CEO of VaynerMedia and the ingenious creator behind VeeCon. Gary also headlined the SiGMA Eurasia conference in Dubai this year as a keynote speaker.

For further information about “The Future,” including episode guides and exclusive content, visit CNNPhilippines.com.

SiGMA Asia 2024

SiGMA will be back next year with a second edition of the SiGMA Asia expo and conference. Taking place once again in the Philippines, this unrivalled gaming hub will host a conference and expo geared towards the Asian markets, and is expected to welcome over 20k delegates