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Codere launches its new "Laboratory" campaign in Colombia

Madrid, 27 October 2020. - Codere launches today in Colombia its new campaign "Laboratory", a nice proposal developed by the Colombian production company Noria, which emphasizes the ease of the game offer of Codere.

On this occasion, Pibe Valderrama is once again the recognisable image of the campaign, becoming the 'crazy genius' of the laboratory from which fun entertainment proposals for Codere fans are coming out.

For Carlos González de las Cuevas, head of Online Marketing at Codere Apuestas, "this is a very attractive series of ads, as it manages to highlight the strengths of Codere's game proposal in a humorous tone, and - at the same time - connect with all the group's target audiences thanks to its protagonist, Pibe Valderrama".
A campaign with local charm
This icon of football in Colombia, with whom Codere has been collaborating since it started its betting game offer in the country, is a perfect ambassador for the company, because of his freshness and friendliness, being a highly recognizable figure for the local player of Codere Apuestas. A character of always, for a company that pretends to become also a reference betting house in the country. In addition, the groundbreaking tone of the "Laboratorio" series differentiates it from other competing commercials.
The campaign, which starts today with the first betting and casino ads, -both on television and in digital format-, results in the ease of registration in the gaming App Codere.com.co, as well as in the idea that Codere is much more than a bookmaker, with a varied offer in casino games. The other spots of the campaign will be released in the next months.
Entertainment experts
The company maintains on this occasion the same close and humorous approach as in its previous proposals, achieving that its "Laboratory" connects perfectly with Codere users; sports fans who enjoy gambling and betting.
For Salo Leder, Digital Site Manager Panama-Colombia of Codere, "Codere.com.co is part of the preferred entertainment offer in the country not only because of its robust product, with a wide range of prizes - both in casino and in sports - but also because of the facilities offered to the user in the transactions (recharges, bonuses, prizes...), achieving a unique gaming experience at a global level. Likewise, for Codere it is a real pleasure to have Pibe Valderrama on television again, communicating our values and benefits to the thousands of customers who play and enjoy with us".
This connection with the player is the result of Codere's in-depth knowledge of the market - after more than 40 years operating private games, both in Europe and Latin America - and of its goal to turn the game into a unique entertainment experience.
In the country, the company started its sports betting activity at the end of 2017, after Coljuegos was granted the concession to operate through internet, mobile and face-to-face game channels, in accordance with Law 1753 of 2015 and subsequent regulations. In the last year, in addition to online activity, Codere operates 4,430 machines, nine gaming rooms and around 70 betting points in Colombia.
About Codere

Codere is a gaming operator, an international benchmark, with a presence in seven European countries - Spain and Italy - and Latin America - Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Uruguay - which operates more than 57,000 machines, nearly 30,000 bingo stations and 8,500 sports betting terminals in Latin America, Spain and Italy through points of sale that include 148 gaming halls, 1,200 arcades, nearly 9,200 bars, 245 betting rooms and four racetracks. The company also develops online gaming. www.grupocodere.com