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Codere publishes its 'Integrated Report 2022'

Madrid, June 22, 2023.- Codere, a leading multinational in the gaming sector in Spain and Latin America, has published its 2022 Integrated Report, now available on the group's corporate website.

This document, which includes the Company's Statement of Non-Financial Information, reflects the activity of Grupo Codere throughout the past year, in a sign of commitment and responsibility towards the stakeholders of the organization.

An intense year, of recovery after the pandemic, after the financial restructuring of the group and the listing on the US stock market, Nasdaq, of Codere Online.

Transparency and responsibility

Since 2007, Codere has carried out an exercise in transparency, consolidating all the information of interest on the progress of the group on an annual basis.

Through this report, since 2018, a response has also been given to the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative, to comply with Law 11/2018, of December 28, on non-financial information and diversity.

A strategic tool that seeks to improve the quality of the information transmitted by the organization; and share with the market the commitments, progress, CSR and responsible gaming actions, and its business culture.

ESG Commitment (Environmental, Social and Governance)

The creation of sustainable value has been a basic guiding principle of the group's activities since its inception, in 1980. This commitment is embodied in Codere's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, which includes its general and specific principles of action with the different stakeholders, in a strategy that includes the following areas:

- Responsible gambling, ensuring the best guarantees for users and the administration, the sustainable development of the industry and the minimum adverse effect that the activity may have on society.

- Development of human capital (and CSR of employees), not only implementing policies and initiatives aimed at improving the work environment of employees, but also promoting actions that promote responsible gaming, among other initiatives.

- Corporate Governance and business transparency, going beyond compliance with legal requirements and reinforcing its commitment to good practices. Exceeding expectations and promoting the creation of sustainable value through the implementation of the best quality standards and their communication

- Commitment to society and the environment, contributing to the development of the communities in which it is located, passing on part of the benefit obtained from its activity and working to mitigate its environmental impact and environmental conservation.

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