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Codere, ready for the safest return

Madrid, June 1, 2020. Codere, a reference company in the private gaming sector at an international level, has implemented a comprehensive protocol of preventive measures against COVID-19, to ensure the resumption of its activity in person in a responsible manner, with maximum guarantees of security and protection against viruses for their customers and employees, thus making possible again the best leisure experience. 

In anticipation of the gradual opening of the premises and gaming rooms contemplated in the Government's de-escalation plan, the group has designed a comprehensive program that includes the obligations and recommendations stipulated for companies, with the aim of ensuring compliance with the law and maximum protection for customers and employees against the possible transmission of this disease. 

This plan includes making available to visitors to its rooms the materials necessary to minimize the risk of contagion, such as hydroalcoholic disinfectant gel; respiratory protection following the guidelines of the authority in the use of masks; the periodic cleaning and sterilization of gaming premises, as well as the disinfection of gaming machines after each use; and the limitation of seating capacity and the posting of signs indicating the appropriate social distance that must exist between people so that they can enjoy themselves in the safest way possible. 

In addition, with a view to the resumption of activities, all the employees of the group participate in a training programme which details the protocols and extraordinary measures defined for this period of transition to the new normality, so that each collaborator of Codere can ensure, from his or her position, optimum prevention of the risk of contagion. 

Thus, after months of tireless work by a multidisciplinary team of professionals committed to the well-being of their clients, Codere can be proud to be ready to welcome them again and offer them the best gaming experience with the maximum guarantees. A reunion expected by each of the members of the organization, who hoping that the new normality will mean one more step in the attention to their public, has elaborated this video of reception

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About Codere 
Codere is a gaming operator, an international reference, with presence in seven countries in Europe - Spain and Italy - and Latin America - Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Uruguay -, which operates more than 55,500 machines, nearly 30,000 bingo stations and 8,500 sports betting terminals in Latin America, Spain and Italy through points of sale that include 148 gaming rooms, 1,200 arcades, nearly 9,200 bars, 245 betting rooms and four racetracks. The company also develops online gaming. www.grupocodere.com



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