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GambleAware recommissions the Scottish Gambling Education Hub delivered by Fast Forward

London, 17 November 2021: GambleAware has recommissioned the Scottish Gambling  Education Hub for a further three years from 1st November 2021. The Hub has been delivered by  the Scottish charity Fast Forward since 2018.  

The Scottish Gambling Education Hub, funded by GambleAware, works with young people, and  the adults in their lives, to raise awareness of gambling harms, and ensure that those working  with young people and families are confident in their ability to offer harm reduction advice and  signpost those who need it to advice and support. 

The Hub’s mission will remain to ensure all children, young people and families in Scotland have  access to gambling education and prevention opportunities and resources. Improvements to the  current structure of the programme will be made, to ensure partners, practitioners, and  policymakers remain engaged with the issue. 

To date, the Hub has trained staff from more than 550 different organisations across all 32 local  authorities in Scotland, including schools, colleges, universities, youth work and family services. 

Since its creation, the Hub and the external evaluation provider, identified potential areas for  improvement in the existing gambling training delivery model. Based on these insights the  updated structure for the programme will offer a more tailored approach to gambling prevention  and education training for professionals and practitioners. With an increased use of the existing  training and resources, the availability of gambling harm awareness and support activities for  children, young people, and families across Scotland will be improved.  

In addition, in 2019, the Scottish Gambling Education Hub established the Scottish Gambling  Education Network (SGEN) to bring together individuals from a variety of settings with the aim to  share best practices, provide support and help establish, sustain, and improve gambling  education and prevention provision across Scotland. The Hub will continue to facilitate and  broaden the scope of SGEN activities, introducing hosting a national conference in 2022. 

The Scottish Education Hub will play a key part in supporting the creation of the English  Education Hub and Welsh Education Hub, projects that will soon be commissioned by  GambleAware to help the prevention of gambling harm among young people in both nations. 

Dr Jane Rigbye, Prevention Director at GambleAware said: “Fast Forward has demonstrated its  value as a key partner to prevent gambling harm among young people in Scotland. Given the  success of the work already carried out, continuity is vital. 

“The Scottish Education Hub has engaged with young people, parents, the community and youth  workers in an impactful and creative way to deliver unique projects over the years.  

“We are delighted to support them further in their prevention and education work and look  forward to publishing the independent evaluation of the project for their work in 2022.” 

Allie Cherry-Byrnes, Fast Forward’s CEO said: “Fast Forward’s work supports young people to  make informed choices regarding risk-taking behaviours, towards positive life-long health  outcomes. 

“Gambling has become normalised in our communities, with many young people affected by their  own gambling, or by the gambling of a parent, carer, or family member. 

“The renewed funding from GambleAware means that the Scottish Gambling Education Hub will  continue to work with young people, parents and educators to raise awareness of gambling  harms and ensure support is accessible if they need it.”