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GGPoker Unveils Pick & Go Tournaments: Blending The Thrill Of Sports With Online Poker

Dublin, Ireland (June 5, 2024) – GGPoker, the World’s Biggest Poker Room, proudly announces the launch of Pick & Go tournaments, a ground breaking format that merges the excitement of major sporting events with the exhilaration of online poker. 

Pick & Go tournaments coincide with top-tier sporting events, including international football matches. Each tournament features two buy-in options, one for either opponent, with buy-ins adjusted by the live match odds. For instance, players supporting big favorites will have smaller discounts applied to their buy-in than those who select the underdogs.

Adding an extra layer of excitement, any players who registered in support of the losing team will be automatically knocked out of the poker tournament once the sporting event finishes, regardless of their chip stack! The remaining Pick & Go players will then battle it out in a standard No-Limit Hold’em tournament format.

The inaugural Pick & Go tournament kicks off on Friday, June 14, aligning with the highly anticipated Germany vs. Scotland football game. Additional tournaments will run in tandem with the international football matches scheduled over the coming weeks.

“Pick & Go offers players a thrilling dilemma; support the favorites to boost your chances of surviving until the money, or back the underdog for a bargain buy-in,” said Sarne Lightman, Managing Director of GGPoker. “There will be moments when you’ll have to choose between your heart and your head, maybe even buying in and supporting a rival team - with Pick & Go the stakes are high both on and off the tables!”

New players joining GGPoker can enjoy the Welcome Bonus and Honeymoon for Newcomers promotions and automatically join GGPoker’s Fish Buffet loyalty program, which provides regular cash prizes. 

For more information about Pick & Go, please visit: https://www.ggpoker.com/tournaments/pick-go-2024/  

About GGPoker: GGPoker is the World’s Biggest Poker Room, with a global player base. It offers a range of innovative games and features such as the patented Rush & Cash poker, All-In or Fold, Flip & Go, Spin & Gold, Mystery Battle Royale, GGCare & GGCheers, integrated staking platform, SnapCam video messaging, PokerCraft, and Smart HUD, all designed to enhance gaming experiences and make poker more fun than ever.

In 2020, GGPoker hosted the world record-breaking WSOP Online main event. In 2022, GGPoker became the world’s largest online poker room and was awarded the Online Poker Operator of the Year Award at the SiGMA Americas Gaming Awards. In PokerListings’ 2022 Operator Awards, GGPoker won the Best Poker Operator, Best Poker Innovation and Best Online Series awards. In 2023, GGPoker sent more than 750 players to the live WSOP 2023 Main Event and over 1,000 players to WSOP Paradise at the Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

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