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ICE and iGB Affiliate 2025 will be held in Barcelona

Clarion released a statement from Alex Pratt Group Managing Director Clarion Gaming.

After what has been an exhaustive and detailed bid process conducted between Barcelona, London, Madrid and Paris, I can confirm that from 2025 ICE and iGB Affiliate will be held in Barcelona.

The first editions of our two world-class b2b events are to be held at the Fira de Barcelona (Gran Via) and will take place across 20-22 January 2025. ICE will be on 20-22 January and iGB Affiliate on 21-22 January.

The 2024 editions will take place at ExCeL London.

I appreciate that you will have many questions and I have attempted to answer these under the headings below. If there are any specific issues you would like to raise, please email me at: Alex.Pratt@clariongaming.com. Moving forward we will be creating communication channels to keep you fully informed of all developments in relation to both ICE 2024 and of course ICE 2025.

What prompted Clarion to explore alternative host city locations in the first place?

Everything we do is customer-led and dating back to 2021 a number of exhibitors as well as b2b media asked us to look at what alternative venues could offer. We are very conscious of our responsibility to the industry and of the need to look beyond the ‘here and now’. ICE and iGB Affiliate have grown exponentially and we would not have upheld our duty to the industry if we failed to plan for the future.

Who was responsible for organising the bidding process?

We hired a professional consultancy highly experienced in the space to construct and manage all aspects of the process and to evaluate each bid.

How detailed was the process?

Incredibly so. It comprised 30 variables, numerous venue visits, city presentations and detailed negotiations. It examined issues such as the ease and costs of participating, both as an exhibitor and as a visitor, as well as the logistics involved in terms of transport and event organising. In addition, the process explored longer-term strategic factors impacting the development of ICE and iGB Affiliate. It was a highly complex, customer-led undertaking.

Did Clarion make the final decision?

An integral part of the selection process involved the creation of an ICE Advisory Board comprising of international gambling brands drawn from both the land-based and online sectors of the industry. The Board made the final selection.

Was it a unanimous decision?

No. One was neutral and 5 of the 23 organisations represented on the Advisory Board voted for London, although most of these stated they would support Barcelona if the move took place.    

Did you consult with visitors as well as exhibitors?

Yes. We ran additional surveys for our visitor audience, as well as in-depth quantitative analysis related to the ease and costs of participating in the event.

What were the standout features of the Barcelona bid?

It was notable for its outstanding exhibition and conference facilities, the ability to scale, its hospitality infrastructure, ease of logistics, engagement from the city, and the ability to deliver ROI for our customers. ICE and iGB Affiliate will be the only major events taking place in Barcelona over the January dateline, enabling us to create an exclusive venue and city experience for exhibitors and attendees alike. Barcelona is the host city that our customers believe is best equipped to be our strategic partner for the future. 

Will the costs of exhibiting come down? 

Obviously, this will vary on a case-by-case basis, but it is highly likely your costs will reduce as part of this move. As we progress with the relocation process, your account manager will share contacts with the venue and suppliers so you can understand this in more detail.

What do we have to do next?

We will communicate further details later this summer including an introduction to our Barcelona hotel partner who will be on hand to secure you the rooms you may wish to reserve for 2025. From September, we will be issuing monthly updates on the relocation and what it means for you as an exhibitor, how you can maximise the opportunity and what you will need to do. 

Thanks again for your patience during the process. Now it is complete, our focus is on continuing the ICE and iGB Affiliate success stories in partnership with you to deliver an amazing experience in London in February 2024.