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ICE London is the only show to reach whole $150bn gaming market states first-time exhibitor Microblink


ICE London's position as the industry's complete platform of gaming with professionals across every sector has been bolstered by first-time exhibitor Microblink


The UK-based provider of specialized AI-driven solutions will be using ICE London 2020 to make its gaming exhibition debut citing the ICE brand's unrivaled reach to decision-makers at the highest levels of international gaming as one of the main reasons for exhibiting at ICE.


ImageMicroblink MD, Izet Zdralovic


Commenting on Microblink’s decision to exhibit at ICE London in 2020, the company’s Managing Director Izet Zdralovic, said:  “The gaming market is on the rise.  With an estimated 2.5 billion gamers across the world, gaming is quickly becoming one of the primary forms of entertainment globally.  Gamers will spend approximately $150 billion on games in 2019 alone.  The high number of players and generated revenue pose a unique opportunity for businesses competing in this space.  Microblink's solutions fit in well in the industry, so we realised ICE London is the conference that covers all of this in one place.  We believe that our products can bring real value to online gaming businesses expected to be present at ICE London.”


Microblink is an AI-driven company that has been on the market for over six years and following extensive R&D the company is keen to disrupt and help transform gaming going into the next decade as gaming prepares to leap into the future.  “This is going to be our first time attending ICE London, and we’re excited about the show,” Zdralovic said.  “Our goal has always been to provide specialized solutions for real-life challenges that our clients are facing.  We aim to eliminate the need for manual data entry on mobile devices, thus improving user experience and engagement.  We are looking forward to establishing new business opportunities and partnerships in which our products can add value and make a difference.”


Microblink develops off the shelf products tailored to solve specific real-life problems and optimized for easy integration into any app, a quality Zdralovic believes is ideally suited to the online gaming market at this time. “We are an R&D company on a mission to simplify data entry in mobile and web apps using camera input.  We merge proprietary mobile vision tech with data extraction technology and link modern mobile apps with the physical world.”

“As part of our showcase we’ll be exhibiting our product BlinkID which simplifies parts of user registration and KYC process, by providing real-time data extraction and document capture from a wide range of identity documents globally,” Zdralovic continued.  "Also heading to ICE London is BlinkCard, which enables customers to use the camera of their device to scan and capture card data in real-time, reducing the need to type in payment card data and in turn reducing high abandonment rates inherent in the payment process.  We are committed to keeping our customers' business secure and their user's data safe.  We will also demonstrate Microblink's UX which enables the increase of the player onboarding rates and reduce drop off rate in the customer journey.  With the products built around security and seamless UX, clients can focus on building a relationship with their players while we do the heavy lifting for them.  Microblink products are easily integrated into any onboarding process and compatible with all major verification or biometric solutions.”