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ICE London's latest eco initiative marks 'major breakthrough' for exhibition industry


Underlining its commitment to sustainability, ICE London has confirmed that it will be supplying eco badges and lanyards for every one of the 36,000+ attendees set to arrive at ExCeL London, UK between 4-6 February 2020. The move has been endorsed by Gareth Sampson, Managing Director at leading Lanyard Supplier, Trade Lanyards Ltd as being a ‘game changer’ for the UK exhibitions and events industry.


“ICE London’s adoption of eco-lanyards places it at the vanguard of a move to alter the behaviour of the exhibition industry" Sampson explained. “With over 85 million delegates attending roughly 1.3m business events each year in the UK, the issue of single-use plastic lanyards is on a similar scale to disposable coffee cups or plastic bottles. When the industry can see leading international events such as ICE London taking such a progressive step it encourages other exhibitions to follow suit.”

Image: Dan Stone, Head of Marketing, ICE


Trade Lanyards has a notable roster of clients working with world famous events including Glastonbury Festival and its official exhibition partner GES Events. The company is continuously investing in its ecological footprint. “In response to the growing concern over the environment, our customers have woken up to corporate and ethical responsibility in what they buy and use,” Sampson said. “We use recycled materials including corn starch, bamboo and recycled polyester (RPET). We ensure that all our lanyards and badge holders can be recycled. Furthermore all of our items are ethically sourced and carry full compliance certification – so our customers can relax in the knowledge that everything is as it should be. As with everything to do with sustainability, half the battle is making it obvious to visitors and users that recycling or using green materials is an option so we’re delighted to work with ICE London which is leading the charge in ensuring awareness of environmentalism and sustainability is a top priority to everyone involved.”

Commenting on the latest initiative, Dan Stone, Head of Marketing, ICE, explained: “As we prepare to ‘Step into the Future’ we want to do our small bit to help protect the future. With more than 36,000 visitors expected to be at ExCeL, the decision to provide eco-friendly, reusable lanyards and badge-holders is an important step in reducing ICE London’s environmental impact. To ensure people are clearly aware of the reusable nature of the lanyards, we will continue our badge return points at every exit of ExCeL London where visitors will have the opportunity to select which gambling charity receives a donation at the end of the event by putting their lanyards into a specific slot. Everyone who attends ICE London 2020 will not only be enhancing the brand’s ecological footprint but also contributing to an important charity in the gambling space."


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For more information and enquires regarding environmentally friendly event lanyards, bags and badges please email enquiries@tradelanyards.co.uk