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Kansas casinos win more than $34 million from players

The Kansas Lottery’s four casino properties mostly walked on in July with three of the four having good reason to avoid looking back. Of the four, Hollywood Casino was the only one not to see a significant year-over-year decline in their revenue from poker, slots and table games for the month.

Overall, revenue from those channels was down just marginally compared to July 2022. That’s a deviation from June Kansas casino revenue which was up more than 6% year-over-year but is still typical for summer months in the state.

Throughout 2023, annual changes have came and went from month to month. July was just another ebb to the flow for casinos. For sportsbooks in the state, July returns are proof that they’ve been trying.

Sportsbooks have winning month despite slowdown

Like a person attempting to walk with blisters on the soles of their feet, July was a slow month for legal sports betting in Kansas. In fact, it was the slowest. Bettors in the state wagered less than $80 million on sporting events according to the Kansas Lottery.

That’s the lowest such figure since legal sportsbooks went live in Kansas in September. However, the portion of that money that the books kept was far from a new low. Sportsbooks won around 8.6% of that money, placing July sixth out of the 11 months on record so far.

Sportsbooks also expect a slowdown in July with the lean sports calendar, meaning they are figuratively whistling as the cross the street despite the low amount wagered. All in all, July was just another month in Kansas gambling paradise.


Source: Play USA 

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