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Two lucky lads from Cardiff have had the best start to the month as between them, they won a combined jackpot of just under £40,000 at Grosvenor Casino Cardiff. 

Kallum, a local lorry driver, is a regular at three-card poker at his local Grosvenor Casino on Hemingway Road. He was over the moon when he won £16,000 on the Progressive Jackpot. Kallum was in his local casino in Cardiff to collect tickets to be entered into Grosvenor Casinos’ summer raffle prize draw.  

Meanwhile Luke, a Direct Sales Executive for a life insurance company also recently won big after winning the jackpot on Going For Gold – a new electronic roulette game exclusively at Grosvenor Casinos. Luke and his brother, who are also regulars at Grosvenor Casino on Hemingway Road, ended up at the casino on a spontaneous night out after their original plans fell through and never could have imagined he’d be walking out £22,000 richer.   

Both winners have already made plans on how to spend their winnings. Kallum is looking to place a deposit on his dream home whilst Luke is looking to re-locate with his partner from Wales to England and treat the family to a holiday at Disney Land.  

Speaking after his jackpot win, Kallum, said: “I was in total shock as I've always played the Progressive Jackpot but never could have dreamed about winning. It didn’t feel real until the money landed in my account. It’s come at the right time as thanks to my windfall, I'm currently looking at putting a deposit down on a house.” 

Lucky Luke said: “It still doesn’t feel real, I cannot believe it! Me and my brother were in disbelief, I was convinced it was a prank. I’m on cloud nine at the moment, I'm definitely going to book a holiday abroad for sure. I’m also thinking of re-locating to England and buying an apartment there with my partner.” 

Mark Stothard, General Manager at Grosvenor Casino Cardiff, said: “The biggest congratulations to both our winners from everyone here at the casino. The atmosphere in the casino was amazing when they won, especially with Luke’s Going For Gold jackpot. We hope Kallum is able to put a deposit down on his dream home and we cannot wait to see Luke’s pictures from his holidays when he returns. Best of luck to all our players and hopefully there’s many more great moments like these to come.”  

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