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Las Vegas, Casino Esports Conference CEC 2020 alternative dates announced in September


Organisers confirmed the following:-  We are, of course, monitoring the conditions surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak carefully with the safety of our participants foremost in mind.

Our dates, June 16-18, are still three months away so we are not presently canceling. Given that conditions on the ground are evolving so rapidly however, we thought it prudent to arrange a “rain date” September 8-10, 2020 in the event the situation has not resolved by June.

This crisis isn't going to last forever. At some point, we will be able to get back out there and business will resume. But life won't be the same. Some new habits will have developed from our time of enforced isolation. Your venue will need to know how to accommodate new attitudes and habits. Including esports and virtual entertainment in your business model will be more important than before. You will need to learn how to move forward into a different age.

The CEC is the only place where over 60 experts in all aspects of this new landscape will be ready to give you the expertise you need to hit the ground running.

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