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Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport sees slight dip in January traffic

The Clark County Department of Aviation has disclosed that Harry Reid International Airport experienced a modest downturn in passenger traffic this January compared to the same period last year.

The airport, which serves as the primary gateway for Las Vegas, recorded approximately 4.34 million passengers for the month, marking a decrease of 0.9 percent from the 4.38 million passengers reported in January 2023. This decline represents the first instance of a year-over-year reduction in monthly passenger numbers since a 0.5 percent drop was observed in August.

Despite the overall decline, the airport witnessed a significant uptick in international traffic, with the number of international arrivals and departures increasing by 19.5 percent to reach 281,462. However, domestic travel did not fare as well, experiencing a 1.9 percent decrease to 4 million passengers. Furthermore, activity at the airport’s westside charter terminals, predominantly utilized by air tour helicopters, saw a 9 percent decline, totaling 66,418 for the month.

Southwest Airlines, headquartered in Dallas, maintained its position as the leading carrier for domestic flights, serving 1.7 million passengers—a 13.2 percent rise from the previous year. In contrast, Spirit Airlines, ranking second, experienced a 14.8 percent decrease in passenger numbers, amounting to 573,545. Among international carriers, Canadian airline Westjet led the way with 57,731 passengers, reflecting a 23.1 percent increase from January 2023.

The city of Las Vegas played host to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, an event that traditionally attracts a large number of visitors. Looking ahead, passenger counts for February are anticipated to surge, bolstered by Las Vegas hosting Super Bowl 58. The end-of-March reports are expected to highlight this anticipated increase in traffic.

The fluctuation in passenger traffic at Harry Reid International Airport underscores the dynamic nature of tourism and travel patterns. While the slight decrease in January’s passenger numbers suggests a momentary pause in growth, the significant rise in international arrivals points to a robust interest in Las Vegas as a global destination.

The hosting of major events like CES and the Super Bowl is poised to further impact tourism positively, drawing visitors from around the world and potentially revitalizing passenger counts in the subsequent months. Such events play a crucial role in sustaining Las Vegas’s appeal as a premier tourist location, driving economic benefits, and reinforcing its status within the international travel and tourism sector.

Source: Travel and Tour World

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