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Link King from Zitro Arrives to the Casino Premium In Paraguay

Zitro’s Link King continues to expand unstoppably in the Republic of Paraguay. The company announces that its stellar product has just been added to the Casino Premium, where it is now possible to play the most popular progressive game in the region.

“We have been able to observe how Zitro’s Link King is succeeding in our country, as well as in the rest of the world, so we incorporated it into our great gaming offering with the full confidence that it is a highly profitable product. Our clients have received it with great enthusiasm, just as we expected”, explains Valdomiro Monteiro, General Director of Casino Premium in Paraguay.

Alejandra Burato, Zitro’s commercial director for LATAM adds: “There are already many casinos in Paraguay that have opted to incorporate our games, and we are pleased to see how our efforts, thanks to the great support we receive from our clients, have turned Zitro into a leading brand in the market. It only remains for me to thank Casino Premium for the trust they show us”.