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Marina Bay Sands Joins Global Effort To Assemble 27,200 Hygiene Kits For Disaster Relief

Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands played host to the annual Sands Cares Global Hygiene Kit Build in partnership with Clean the World.

The event, which took place recently, saw 27,200 hygiene kits put together with a purpose—to provide essential support to individuals affected by hardship and disasters in Singapore and the Philippines. This initiative is part of a broader global community engagement effort taking place across Las Vegas Sands’ properties worldwide this autumn.

The hygiene kits are thoughtfully assembled to include shower amenities, dental care items, and a heartfelt message card. In the Philippines, these kits will be distributed to beneficiaries under Children International by Clean the World, while in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands will work with local organizations such as the Singapore Red Cross, The Food Bank Singapore, and various nursing homes for distribution. The heart warming event saw around 600 Team Members actively participating in the kit assembly. Sands China will follow suit by hosting its annual Hygiene Kit Build in December, building an additional 27,200 kits that will be distributed to those in need.

The Sands Cares Global Hygiene Kit Build with Clean the World embodies two of Marina Bay Sands’ global community engagement priorities—providing relief to those facing hardship and offering support for disaster response and preparedness efforts.

Marina Bay Sands has been a proud host of the annual Sands Cares Global Hygiene Kit Build since 2015. Over the years, Team Members from around the world have come together to assemble a staggering 938,000 hygiene kits, in addition to the impressive number being assembled this autumn for Clean the World. In addition to these efforts, the housekeeping service agents at Marina Bay Sands also collect leftover bar soap, which is then recycled into new bars and donated to families in need. Since 2015, Marina Bay Sands has recycled more than 37,000 kilograms of soap bars. The collaboration between Marina Bay Sands and Clean the World also extends to the “Drop by Drop Project,” which provides grants to local conservation groups for water stewardship initiatives in Singapore.

The Sands Cares Global Hygiene Kit Build forms an integral part of the Sands Cares community engagement program, alongside the Sands Cares Global Food Kit Build, launched in 2022, and the Sands Cares Accelerator, which aids non-profit organizations in achieving a greater community impact. These initiatives bring together Sands’ properties from around the world, addressing key priorities such as hardship relief, disaster response and preparedness, education, local business and partner development, and the preservation of cultural and natural heritage.

Sands Cares’ overarching mission is to ensure that the communities in which Sands operates remain vibrant and enriching places to live, work, and visit.

Source: Alvinology media

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