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Michael Silberling CEO Metropolitan Group Interview with Casino Life & Sports Betting Operator TV

In this latest episode Peter White hosts the interview from the Rendezvous Casino Brighton with Metropolitan Gaming CEO Michael Silberling based at the exclusive Metropolitan Casino Mayfair.

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Key moments in the Interview

(1:24) Michael explains the investment by parent company Silverpoint Capital along with recruitment and setting up of online business, plus lots more that has been achieved in 2 year
(2:19) Michael provides details on MetGaming.com the recently launched online casino
(3:40) Food and Beverage has also been part of the organisations development programme involving chef's such a Marco Pierre White, Jame Martin and Ellen Chew.
(3:38) With this next question Michael explains the organisations approach to operating the 11 Casinos across the UK and Egypt
(6:04) Michael provides insight into his role at Metropolitan Gaming?
(7:36) We learn about Michael's hopes for the UK Government's Gambling regulations review
(10:55) and goes on to explain the organisations approach to safer gambling.
(14:00) Recruitment, training and retention have been challenges for the leisure entertainment sector post Pandemic. Michael explains its effect on Metropolitan Gaming.
(15:31) Penultimate question How do you see Metropolitan Gaming positioned in the current and future gaming market? (16.35) This interview 'And Finally Question' How is life for you in the UK what aspects of living in London do you enjoy most?
Preview Image: Credit Photographer Liam Gillan