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Nevada regulators release health and safety Casino reopening requirements


The document released Friday by the Nevada Gaming Control Board states there should be limits on how many people are in the casino at any one time. No more than three players at a blackjack table will be allowed, six players at a craps table and limits of four players for roulette and poker tables. Casino supervisors are suggested to remove chairs in front of gaming machines to make sure there is adequate social distancing.

Guideline Considerations

Board Chair Sandra Douglas Morgan spoke to The Nevada Independent this week, discussing how the board is creating guidelines for the industry. In the interview, Morgan pointed out that license holders will be required to meet certain guidelines to reopen. This would include confirming that the facility has been cleaned and disinfected based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

They must also confirm that employees have been trained in what to do if a guest is sick. Casinos must also show how they will put social distancing in place. The full policy should be released soon after Governor Sisolak announcing his roadmap to recovery today. However, the exact time for the document release is unknown.

Morgan stated that people need as much notice as possible to prepare. She knows the governor is trying to give enough notice for businesses in the state to get back to work.

Reopening Date Remains Unknown

The Board is not functioning based on a projected reopening date. It is still unclear as to when casinos and their hotels will be open once again. However, some are already taking reservations beginning on May 15th. For Morgan, she feels that those who are taking reservations are trying to get a feel for the likelihood that people will be coming back to the region.

According to the governor, the casinos will most likely remain closed until the third or fourth phase of the reopening plan. Casinos will have to follow minimum guidelines once they do reopen as well as submit a plan to the board on how they will carry out their efforts.

Morgan has stated that she thinks the policy will include occupancy limitations. Such changes could include limiting how many chairs are at a table game or using security to ensure that guests are not congregating in one area.

Some casinos plan to use thermal imaging cameras to detect if an employee or patron has a fever. The board is reportedly not considering requiring this element. For the board, more consideration is being given on how properties should respond when someone is identified as ill.

Morgan stated further that she feels it will be imperative to see what the governor announces today before issuing any further guidance for casinos. It will be interesting to see the governor’s approach and how he plans on getting businesses up and running.